Template:Main Character Bio Toothy欢乐树的朋友们的主要角色之一。


一个长着雀斑的淡紫色/紫色的海狸,有一对板牙(他的名字来源),似乎有一个间隙。虽然他的描述官方网站说他的“大龅牙”大于其他角色,在第2季,他偶尔会有正常的獠牙。他通常是一个非常友好的人物,喜欢玩耍,特别是年轻的角色。他很欣赏Splendid,可能是因为后者在Better Off Bread救了Toothy,甚至他的万圣节装扮也是后者。 他和Cuddles是好朋友在Spin Fun Knowin' YaClass ActFrom A to ZooRemains to be SeenWho's to Flame?Take a HikeSnow Place to GoBlast from the PastCan't Stop CoffinAutopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part 2)Party AnimalConcrete SolutionWrath of ConStrain KringleGigglesSnifflesLumpyPetunia也是他的好朋友。Toothy是节目里的主要角色之一,他出现在许多广告中。

他成名有两个原因:他是欢乐树的朋友们中第一个死的角色(如果忽略Banjo Frenzy)。他的性格也使他遇到非常可怕的死亡事件,臭名昭著的Eye Candy获得了一个法国安纳西国际动画电影节奖项。并且 Toothy有一个广泛的死亡;通常涉及到他的眼睛,他的头被瓦解。

不像大多数其他角色的个性定义了如何在特定情况下的行为,Toothy的性格发生了很大变化。他认为之前他是冲动(例如在Class Act逃跑和投掷点燃蜡烛)。 他一般不认为是坏的,虽然他在某些情况下表现得很奇怪(就像在Mime to Five误解了一些指导和浇注两桶火药,而不是必要的两勺)。但是他是相当方便的, 因为他在Brake The Cycle知道如何构建和一辆自行车。

Toothy通过一个创造者,经常被用来作为一个‘一般树的朋友’由于他的普通外观,直到他们已经决定最后一个角色。例如,在故事Wipe Out里,Toothy最初是在Cuddles的地方冲浪并钉进了浮标。 他缺乏一个明确的角色也意味着,当他被用作“占位符”时他不会影响这一事件的方式塑造并不意味着是创作者想要的。有时是Toothy自己饰演最后一集。

并且,而Toothy在TV系列主演时,他从来没有真正当上主角。他主演的唯一一集是Autopsy Turvy,但不是一个实际的事件。

尽管Toothy像Cuddles一样经常死,但他在Nuttin' but the ToothI Get a Trick Out of YouKringle KarolsA Change of HeartWipe OutWingin' ItRead 'em and WeepCan't Stop Coffin,(有争议的Banjo FrenzyCold HeartedDoggone It 有争议的),Youtube Live EpisodeAll Flocked UpSomething Fishy和HTF Break系列Deck the HallsWe Wish YouYoutube Copyright SchoolClawOh Xmas Tree存活。许多Toothy的伤害的Toothy的一些死亡和伤害在眼睛上,比如Eye CandyKeepin' it ReelChew Said a MouthfulIdol CuriosityA Sight for Sore EyesThe Carpal Tunnel of LoveCamp Pokeneyeout

Toothy的眼睛遭受了很多损伤。这来自Chew Said a Mouthful

在HTF官方论坛,作者Ken Pontac说他感觉Toothy是最普通的角色并需要更多的个性。他表示,这可能在未来实现。 这已经发生在最近的一些事件(例如Love Bites短剧Cold Hearted,他在那里被证明通过干扰与Giggles和Cro-Marmot的关系是有害的)。在Brake the Cycle,他也享受骑自行车并知道如何修复它。这一事件表明他是固执的,他决定骑自行车尽管一只鸟花拿了一些螺栓,对他和其他的角色导致致命的事故。(尽管他可能没有意识到螺栓失踪了。)

似乎在某些事件中显示Toothy喜欢唱歌,其他人认为他是一个好歌手。例如在Class ActDeck the HallsWe Wish YouToothy也在Mime and Mime Again,(debatablyEye CandyClass ActTake a HikeSnow Place to GoBlast from the PastBrake the Cycle哭过。




  1. Spin Fun Knowin' Ya
  2. Treasure These Idol Moments
  3. Nuttin' but the Tooth
  4. Hide and Seek
  5. Mime and Mime Again
  6. Happy Trails pt. 1
  7. Eye Candy
  8. Class Act
  9. Better Off Bread
  10. Keepin' it Reel
  11. Toothy's Easter Smoochie
  12. Autopsy Turvy
  13. New Season Teaser
  14. Brake the Cycle
  15. Camp Pokeneyeout


  1. Banjo Frenzy (Pilot Episode)
  2. Remains to be Seen
  3. YouTube Live Episode
  4. Ipso Fatso
  5. Who's to Flame?
  6. Take a Hike
  7. Snow Place to Go
  8. Dunce Upon a Time
  9. Mime to Five
  10. Blast From The Past
  11. Chew Said a Mouthful
  12. Idol Curiosity
  13. Aw, Shucks!
  14. A Sight for Sore Eyes
  15. Junk in the Trunk
  16. The Carpal Tunnel of Love
  17. Ski Patrol
  18. From A to Zoo
  19. We're Scrooged!
  20. Peas in a Pod
  21. See You Later, Elevator
  22. Breaking Wind
  23. All In Vein
  24. Spare Tire


  1. I Get a Trick Out of You
  2. Stealing the Spotlight
  3. Can't Stop Coffin
  4. From Hero to Eternity
  5. And the Kitchen Sink
  6. Party Animal
  7. Doggone It
  8. Concrete Solution
  9. Gems the Breaks
  10. A Change of Heart
  11. See What Develops
  12. Wipe Out!
  13. Wingin' It
  14. Easy Comb, Easy Go
  15. Read 'em and Weep
  16. Wrath of Con
  17. All Flocked Up
  18. Something Fishy
  19. YouTube Copyright School
  20. By the Seat of Your Pants
  21. Cubtron Z

HTF Break系列

  1. Deck the Halls
  2. We Wish You
  3. Happy New Year
  4. Claw

Love Bites系列

  1. Cold Hearted


  1. Kringle Karols
  2. Kringle Feast
  3. Kringle Frosty
  4. Strain Kringle
  5. Star Kringle


For more information, see List of Occupations

  1. Dentist - Nuttin' But the Tooth
  2. Star of the Christmas Play - Class Act
  3. Firefighter - Who's to Flame?
  4. Circus Assistant - Mime to Five
  5. 电影开发人员——See What Develops
    Happy tree friends see what develops part 2


  6. Christmas Play Actor - Class Act
  7. Delivery Boy - Aw, Shucks!
  8. Mailman - Easy Comb, Easy Go
  9. Garage/Yard Salesman - Read 'em and Weep
  10. Toymaker - We're Scrooged!
  11. Paperboy- Peas in a Pod
  12. Carol Singer - Kringle Carols; Deck The Halls; We Wish You
  13. Student - Something Fishy
  14. Office Worker - See You Later, Elevator
  15. Ambulance Driver - All in Vein




  1. Banjo Frenzy: Decapitated by Lumpy's banjo (debatable, bit his leg afterwards but he may have been temporarily dead)
  2. Spin Fun Knowin' Ya: Flung off a merry-go-round and flies into a tree, breaking his spine.(debatable
  3. Treasure These Idol Moments: Impaled through the mouth by a swing. (Idol-Induced)
  4. Hide and Seek: Flippy snaps his neck.
  5. Mime and Mime Again: Sucked into a fan his bandages are stuck to.
  6. Happy Trails: Flies out of a bus and either hits a cliff or falls to the water below. (Debatable)
  7. Eye Candy: Brain and left eye pulled out of his right eye socket.

    Toothy在Eye Candy中。这是他在整个系列中最著名的死亡。

  8. Class Act: Dies in an explosion when he sets the school on fire.
  9. Better Off Bread: Crushed by a meteorite.
  10. Keepin’ it Reel: Flippy jams a projector through his skull, poking out his eye and burning his brain.
  11. Remains to be Seen: (1) Run over by Flippy's truck. (2) Dies when he bites down on Flippy's brain, making it explode. (but, as a zombie)
  12. Stealing the Spotlight: Vaporized by the heat of Lumpy's Christmas lights.
  13. From A to Zoo: Impaled through the head by a rhino's horn.
  14. Kringle Feast: Dies in an explosion caused by Lumpy.
  15. Kringle Frosty: Impaled by Lumpy's skis.
  16. Ski Patrol: Lumpy inflates him with oxygen, causing him to pop when he hits a the sharp top of a flagpole.
  17. From Hero to Eternity: Cut in half by Splendid's laser vision.
  18. And the Kitchen Sink: Run over by Pop's SUV.
  19. Party Animal: Part of face sliced off by Flippy, and served to Cuddles (his face was in the shape of a cake) by Flippy.
  20. Ipso Fatso: Decapitated by a barbell.
  21. Doggone It: Attacked by a giant squid (debatable).
  22. Concrete Solution: Dies when a bridge collapses.
  23. Who's to Flame?: Dies in a fiery explosion. (debatable).
  24. Take a Hike: Impaled in the stomach on a sharp rock.
  25. Snow Place to Go: Nerve system ripped out by Russell's fishing hook.
  26. Dunce Upon a Time: Head cracked like an egg by Lumpy.
  27. Gems the Breaks: Flung out of a school bus and into a woodchipper.
  28. Mime to Five: Fires a cannon that explodes and sends him flying into a pole, where he turns to dust.
  29. Blast From the Past: 1). Flies into and impales Lumpy, killing them both. (debatable). 2). Same death from "Spin Fun Knowin' Ya".(debatable)
  30. Chew Said a Mouthful: Nutty crashes his bed into a group of pipes, where he is crushed.
  31. See What Develops: Disintegrated by the backlash of Splendid's speed.
  32. Idol Curiosity: Drowns when the ship he's on sinks (Death not seen and debatable).

    三思而后行。来自Aw Shucks!

  33. Aw, Shucks!: Caught in barbwire and drowns.
  34. A Sight for Sore Eyes: Head cut in half by a open filing cabinet drawer.
  35. Easy Comb, Easy Go: Turn into dust by intense UV rays.
  36. Junk in the Trunk: Run over by Lifty and Shifty's van.
  37. Double Whammy Part 2: Autopsy Turvy: Crushed by Cro-Marmot when Flippy's van knocks him into a closet.
  38. The Carpal Tunnel of Love: Lumpy crushes him with a door.
  39. We're Scrooged!: Pushed purposely by Lumpy and torn apart by wind-up teeth.
  40. Peas in a Pod: Coughs out his organs due to the fumes from Lumpy's plane.
  41. Wrath of Con: Squashed in the comic con center.
  42. Strain Kringle: Body forced through a strainer.
  43. See You later, Elevator: Burned to death by Pop's match.
  44. Star Kringle: Has a Christmas Tree Star dropped on his head.
  45. Happy New Year: Crushed by a chandelier. (Death not seen)
  46. Brake the Cycle: Crushed by Lumpy.
  47. Breaking Wind: Hit by Handy's truck that loses control.
  48. All in Vein: Head impaled by Lumpy's fangs.
  49. By the Seat of Your Pants: Decapitated by Flippy.
  50. Cubtron Z: Body burnt to bone by Cubtron's vomit, causing his head to explode.
  51. Spare Tire: Forced into a wall by a extinguisher.
  52. Camp Pokeneyeout: Crushed by a boulder, along with Cuddles


  1. Overkill DVD Box Set: (Not shown) Possibly dies from an explosion because Flippy is holding up a very large bomb.
  2. TV Series Volume 1 DVD: Impaled in the eye and out the back of a head by a fork he was holding after tripping on an object Mime was juggling.
  3. Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm Gameplay: Deaths and injuries various, depending on the environment of the level, such as getting sliced by blades and saws, getting crushed and flattened like paper or cardboard, or getting electrocuted or burned.
  4. Fall Harvest Wallpaper: Dies when he falls to the ground head-first. (Death not seen)
  5. March 2005 Calendar: Apparently squished along with Cuddles and Giggles.
  6. It's All Downhill From Here January 2007 Calendar: Impaled on one of Lumpy's skis.
  7. Holiday Hangover January 2007 Calendar: Dies from breathing in gas, as in Kringle Feast.
  8. Spring Chicken Dinner April 2007 Calendar: Five chicks burst out of his stomach.
  9. It's Back to Cruel Time September 2007 Calendar: Impaled through the head with a projector.
  10. Fall Colors November 2007 Calendar: Splats into the ground after falling from a great height.
  11. Un-named Wallpaper: He plays with a bomb, along with Giggles. It can be assumed he and Giggles died, when the bomb explodes. (Death not seen)
  12. Unnamed Merry-go-round Wallpaper: Flung off a merry-go-round and breaks his jawbone.
  13. Un-named Wallpaper: Killed when Flippy's dynamite explodes. (Death not seen)
  14. HTF Hot-Topic T-Shirt: Burnt by Flippy.
  15. Toothy Easter Smoochie Yummy: Eats seven eggs, six of them without chewing, whereupon chicks hatch and burst out of his belly.
  16. Toothy Easter Smoochie Goody: Picks up a basket with a snake in it, and the snake curls around him, and the force makes his eyes pop out.
  17. Toothy Easter Smoochie Tasty: Eats a rotten Easter egg and vomits. He passes out and drowns in the pool of his vomit. (debatable, as there is no reason to drown in a flat liquid surface).
  18. Dumb Ways To Die: He runs holding a sharp stick and trips, and his eye (and brain) are impaled by the stick.


  1. Don't Worry, Bee Happy: Sliced by the string of a kite (similar to Nutty's death in A Sight for Sore Eyes).
  2. Lost Claws: Sliced by ladder.


  1. Fire Escape: Falls to his death.
  2. Ice Slide: Ran over by Cro-Marmot.
  3. Gogo Toothy: Brain torn out of his head. This death is similar to his death in Eye Candy.
  4. Flying High: Hits the ground too hard.
  5. Aim To Freeze: Hit by an snowball thrown by Lumpy
  6. Dumb Ways To Die: Gets impaled through the head with a stick.
Toothy chaseing a butterfly



  1. Banjo Frenzy (Pilot Episode): Head gets sliced off by Lumpy's Banjo. Somehow surviving.
  2. Mime and Mime again: Entire body (except for his eyes and nose) get badly injured (offscreen).
  3. Eye Candy: Eye mutilated by a lollipop after tripping over a log.
  4. Snow Place to Go: Breaks one of his buckteeth when trying to open a can.
  5. Take a Hike: Arm bitten by a snake, making it swell up.
  6. Blast From the Past: Breaks his arm after flying off a slide.
  7. A Sight for Sore Eyes: Eyes cut by metal paper airplane.
  8. Idol Curiosity: Stabbed in the eye by a cocktail umbrella, which opens in his eye.
  9. The Carpal Tunnel of Love: 1. Suffers an allergic reaction to a bee sting in his eye. 2. Eye is ripped off after Lumpy slams the door on him.
  10. Wrath of Con: (before death) Ears ruptured, and then set on fire.
  11. All Flocked Up: Facial skin burnt and torn off by tar after Lumpy fired a rock at his head.
  12. See You later, Elevator: (before death) Set on fire.
  13. Brake the Cycle: (before death) anus gets impaled and intestines pulled out.
  14. Camp Pokeneyeout: A rock hits his eye and crashes into Cuddles' cart.


  1. Picture on Pillow: Toothy chases a butterfly, but he steps on a bear trap, and gets his knee cut by the bear trap.
  2. Winter Break Intro: Cuddles accidentally drops a glass Christmas ornament on Toothy, and Toothy screams in pain (offscreen).
  3. Yule Tube (HTF Competition Intro): His or a Generic Tree Friend's hand is cut off then burnt to nothing.
  4. Homework is a PAIN! - September 2005 Calendar: Impaled in the eye by a pencil.
  5. May 2005 Wallpaper: Eye torn out of his socket.


Through a democratic poll, it has been decided that Toothy is not to be blamed for the deaths in Class Act involving the school explosion. For more information, see Class Act Explosion


  • Internet series: 27.94%
  • TV series: 25%


  • Toothy is the first character to die in the Internet Shorts, thus he is the first in Happy Tree Friends. Similarly, he was the first (major character) victim of Evil Flippy in the internet shorts and the TV series.
  • In the Pop Corn edition episode of Spin Fun Knowin' Ya, it is revealed that Toothy had a tail enlargement surgery and is wanted for impersonating a dentist in seven states, and was last seen in Ohio (this may be a reference to Nuttin' but the Tooth).
  • The First Blood DVD "Collect them All" section reveals he flosses his teeth excessively.
  • Toothy and Cuddles are the first duo in which both partners have killed each other. In other duos, one kills the other, but not the other way around.
  • Toothy loves watching monster movies, like Godzilla, as seen in Wingin' It.
  • The Fall Out Boy music video The Carpal Tunnel of Love has hinted that Toothy has an allergy to bee stings.
  • He has a pet turtle that had his shell painted with hot rod flames as seen in Junk in the Trunk.
  • In Spin Fun Knowin' Ya, Toothy was seen with two stray hairs on his head. They disappeared in all future episode but they stayed in his season 1 intros.
  • A few of his deaths involve being vaporized, like in Stealing the Spotlight and Easy Comb, Easy Go.
  • Toothy's buckteeth are normally longer than the buckteeth of other characters. In some earlier episodes he has normal buckteeth. Further, in early episodes, his buckteeth continuously change between being long and being normal. This was a mistake due to the laziness of the animators, this mistake was removed when FatKat took over for the TV series.
  • Toothy and Handy are both voiced by Warren Graff. Both characters are beavers and are quite famous for episodes they are featured in (Eye Candy and Shard at Work respectively). However there have been two times in which Kenn Navarro took Warren Graff's role, the first was in Keepin' it Reel where he played Toothy and second time was in a A Hole Lotta Love where he played Handy.
  • Unlike Giggles and Petunia, who are voiced by the same person and also appear a lot, Toothy and Handy have rarely appeared together. The only episodes they appeared on screen together were Remains to be Seen, Happy Trails pt. 1, Doggone It, Wipe Out, Wrath of Con, Concrete Solution, Breaking Wind, The Happy Tree Friends Youtube Live Episode and Dunce Upon a Time. All these moments were brief and involved no interaction.
  • He was the first character to be killed by Evil Flippy, Mime, and The Cursed Idol.
  • He is the only main character that does not have a star billing in the first season of the TV series ("Autopsy Turvy" wasn´t a real episode).
  • Toothy is one of the playable characters in Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm.
  • Toothy is one of the three main characters who doesn't normally wear any clothes/accessories of any kind. The others are Lifty and Flaky (Lumpy was seen ironing clothes the same color as his fur)
  • Toothy is Nutty, Mime and Cuddles' most frequency victim. Additionally, he is the Cursed Idol's most frequent victim.
  • So far the only starring role he has survived in is Nuttin' but the Tooth (if only regular episodes count)
  • His appearance is similar to SpongeBob SquarePants, as both have large gapped teeth and freckles on both sides the face and they both cry a lot. He is also similar to Timmy Turner from The FairlyOdd Parents, due to their large front teeth, purple-pink color, and because they are both accident-prone.
  • Evil Flippy was Toothy's first victim. Coincidentally, Toothy was also the first victim of Evil Flippy.
  • Toothy is one of only four characters - along with Lumpy, Flaky, and a generic tree friend - to have killed Flippy.
  • If you count Autopsy Turvy (although it wasn't a real episode), Cuddles, Flippy, Cro-Marmot, Mole, Lumpy, Lifty, and Shifty appeared in all of his starring roles (since he only had one)
  • His season 3 alliterate sentence is: "Using a toothbrush is tantamount for twinkling teeth". Also the toothbrush is a reference to his name.
  • He is the first character to cry during more than one death, in Eye Candy and again in Brake the Cycle.
  • Toothy and Mole are the last characters to die in season 1.
  • Toothy is (debatably) the first and last character to die in season 1.
  • He is the first to have a debatable death (Banjo Frenzy)
  • Toothy as well as Lumpy are the only characters to kill evil Flippy
  • Toothy has the 3rd highest death count out of all the characters, who has 52 deaths. Just behind Giggles and Lumpy, who have 52, Petunia, who has 53, and Cuddles, who has 58.
  • Toothy is the only character to kill something else in a Smoochie (a chick in his Easter Smoochie).
  • There is a Halloween Costume of Toothy with scissors impaled in his eye.

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