Happy Tree Friends: YouTube Live Episode is a special episode shown on YouTube Live 2008-2009.


Inside a crane game, Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Lumpy, Nutty, Flippy, Handy, Lifty and Shifty are sitting inside, pretending to be prizes. The claw above picks up a laughing Cuddles from the head, but he slips off. The claw then grabs Cuddles again, but this time, by the stomach. As Cuddles begins laughing happily for being picked up, the claw suddenly begins banging him against the sides of the machine. Everybody looks up in shock as Cuddles struggles to free himself. When the claw bangs in the front of the machine a few more times, Cuddles finally dies. Then the eight remaining characters begin screaming in fear in an attempt to escape from the machine, while Flippy begins to panic and look like he's about to flip out.


  1. Cuddles is killed when a crane from a crane machine smashes him against the glass walls of the machine. (Debatable)
  2. Flippy may have flipped out and killed Giggles, Toothy, Lumpy, Nutty, Handy, Sniffles (see goofs), Lifty and Shifty. The claw might have killed every one including Flippy himself. (Death not seen, confirmed by Kenn Navarro)


  • Before Cuddles is bludgeoned to death by the crane, the crane seems to be "playing" with him, first bruising him, and then severely battering him before killing him.


  • Amount of surviving main characters: 1 (0 including Debatable deaths)
  • Amount of dead main characters: 8 (9 including Debatable deaths)
  • Total Rate: 11.11% (0% including Debatable deaths)


  1. Giggles' ear briefly passes through the wall of the machine.
  2. Lumpy's right antler briefly passes through the wall of the machine.
  3. Nutty's tail briefly passes through the wall of the machine.
  4. Lifty's ear briefly passes through the wall of the machine
  5. The crest on Flippy's beret changes places several times.
    1. If one looks closely, once Cuddles is in the claw, about to get killed, Flippy's pupils change to Fliqpy eyes, hinting that he's going to flip out offscreen.
  6. When Lumpy is staring at you, his right antler is upside-down and his left antler is up. When he's trying to get out of the machine, however, his left antler is upside-down and his right antler is up.
  7. Toothy has his big buckteeth when staring at you, though after the machine starts to smash Cuddles, his buckteeth turn normal.
  8. Sniffles' scream is briefly heard even though he did not appear in this episode, although it is possible he may be hidden behind the other tree friends in the machine.
  9. When the claw grabs Cuddles for the second time, part of his body has appeared between Toothy and Giggles.
  10. Cuddles' pupils switch to circular pupils several times throughout the episode.
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