The Blurb version of Without A Hitch was uploaded on October 24, 2013.


  • BlurB!
  • Hey! The color is messed up!
  • Oh no, an olden days episode.
  • Mondo spend almost $1,000,000 creating backgrounds for this shot
  • Worth every penny
  • These backgrounds cost twice as much
  • Good thing that ONE light post happen to be there
  • Fun Fact: Nothing ever goes wrong when you pick up a hitchhiker
  •  Flaky is lactose intolerant
  • Or smell intolerant
  • which I didn't know was a thing.
  • There is plenty of time to move
  • Seriously, I'd totally have my head in by now
  • He has nobody to blame but herself
  • Oh tricky! This episode is like some crazy Rashomon/Memento mash up
  • they're movies...Google them.
  • Fun Fact: Light posts are always conveniently placed
  • How did that nail get in there sideways?
  • Oh no! Shaking straight lines!!
  • Flaky should roll up the window...some shaking lines might get in the car.
  • OK, that was a little scary
  • Wow. Why is he hitchkiking? He makes good time just walking
  • That's nice, he's going to help
  • If Flaky had anti-theft eyes, this wouldn't have happened
  • Aww, Flaky looks tired!
  • Flaky is kind of a jerk for misjudging Flippy.
  • Fun Fact: Seat belts save lives
  • no joke.
  • Just thought I'd put in a real fact to throw you off.
  • Well, I guess seatbelts can't save you from everything.
  • Flippy is like the MacGyver of killers
  • MacGyver was a TV show
  • Google it.
  • It was all a dream INCEPTION!
  • This episode is really messing with my seat belt theory.
  • See kids! Dreams really do come true! even bad ones.
  • Fun Fact: Flippy is a nice guy
  • Fun Fact: Nice guys finish last
  • Fun Fact: Nice guys finish last and have prism vision
  • Didn't see that coming
  • but it had to be Lumpy.
  • Air bags! The silent killer!
  • Nice olden days credits!


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