Cultural References

  • The title of this episode is a term used when someone falls off their surfboard when they surf.
    • It is not named after the game show of the same name, as this episode aired in 2006, whereas the game show aired in 2008.
  • Flaky's crab-like head in the closing scene is possibly a nod to the film "The Thing".
  • The scene where Flaky narrowly escapes being devoured by sharks only to be killed by a coconut is possibly a reference to a well-known (but strange) statistic that more people are killed by coconuts each year than sharks.
    • Fun Fact: The death count by sharks is only 10-15, while death by coconut is 150.
  • The meaning of the moral, "make waves" means to cause difficulty in a negative way.


Production Notes

  • When this episode was aired along with A Sight for Sore Eyes and Letter Late than Never on YouTube, the title for the mix of these segments was called "Ten Speed" (originally called "Going Ten Crazy"). Lumpy and Cuddles appear in all three episodes. Lumpy dies twice while Cuddles dies once.
  • According to the storyboards, originally, Toothy was going to be impaled on the buoy rather than Cuddles. This explains why he is seen wearing a surfing bib prior to the competition, yet cannot be seen during the competition. Otherwise, Cuddles would have survived in all three parts of the tenth full TV episode. It is also possible that Toothy might have decided not to go and that he gave Cuddles his surfing bib.
  • According to the episode, the title was originally going to be called “Surfin’ Blues”, but the creators changed it for unknown reasons.
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