• This episode marks one of the few instances we see Pop without his hat on.
  • This episode is one of the two episodes of Happy Tree Friends that has a title with a water pun; the other episode is Water You Wading For.
  • This episode makes Cro-Marmot the twentieth character (and last of the original characters) to come back to life for another episode.
  • This is the last Internet season 2 episode that Cro-Marmot appears in.
  • When Pop asks Cub if he'd like some ice cream, Cub responds, "Mmm-hmm," much like Lumpy does when he's satisfied with something.
  • This is one of the ten season 2 episodes that don't have a quick shot moment, the others are Out of Sight, Out of Mime, Class Act, Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark, Better Off Bread, The Way You Make Me Wheel, Hello Dolly, Stealing the Spotlight, Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!, and Suck It Up.
  • This is the episode where Pop speaks clear English the most.
  • At the end of this episode Pop starts shouting for Cub, calling him by his name. This is one of four instances in the entire series to date, in which a character has called another character by their name. The others are Milkin' It, Home Is Where the Hurt Is and Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow.
  • The scene where Pop gets ice cream for Cub and himself is later seen in Milk Pong.
  • In the background, when Pop is pushing the boat in the water, you can see a rabbit and a squirrel-like figure, this could be Giggles and Cuddles.

    Cuddles is making sure that he stays as far away from death as possible.

    • Because of this, this is the first internet episode that Cuddles survives in.
  • In this episode, Pop can be heard saying stuff similar to - "I'm gonna bury you" or "I'm gonna play with you," " Hold on son, I'm coming!", "Hey, want some ice cream?" (or possibly "You hungry?") and "Son! Son, where are you?!" or "Cub! Cub, where are you?!"
  • Cub is shown with a full set of teeth when he attempts to open his can of soda.
  • This episode aired on the day the state of Minnesota turned 145 years old.

Cultural References

  • The moral means to avoid succumbing to difficulties, typically debt.


Production Notes

  • According to the commentary on the Third Strike DVD, Ellen Connell voiced Cub when he was underwater, marking this the first time that Cub was voiced by her. Despite this, Cub was voiced by Dana Belben before he was underwater.
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