Video Bomb Collections are trading card packs based off of the many entries to the Truffles' Video Bomb Competition.


Uses name and "fun fact".

Right Off the Bat Pack

  • Baddy: His dream is to fly...Despite the fact that his wings are full of holes.
  • Lizzy: Owns dozens of journals full of poetry.
  • Peh: Has a minor case of spontaneous combustion when exposed to sunlight.
  • Sanguine: Owns a fridge full of tomato juice at her house.
  • Vampy: Secretly wants to volunteer at a blood bank.
  • Fangy: All of his friends are worried that he'll accidentally eat a glowstick by mistake.

Fox and the Hound Pack

  • Doggui: Sometimes chases his own tail for hours.
  • Drowsy: Often takes naps immedeately after waking up from a nap.
  • Foxy: Puts a lot of effort into making sure she looks good.
  • Ruffy: Often gets involved in hunting "accidents".
  • Shamall: He once built a statue of himself made out of snow.
  • Yippy: She's the star of an extremely popular TV show.

Cuddly Killers Pack

  • Cookie: She's an excellent cook. ...But don't ask about the secret ingredient.
  • Ferrity: She washes her hands at least 85 times every day.
  • Fizzy: Has a hard time playing "Hide and Seek". ... Unless she's doing the hunting.
  • Killer: Has a tendency to live up to his name.
  • Muffy: Has a unique way of having "fun".
  • Yoyl: Currently planning to kill her most hated enemy... Lumpy.

Howling Wolf Pack

  • Anita: Knows how to bring all the boys to the yard.
  • Boony: Often gets mistaken for "Marshal Lee".
  • Byll: She often gets her claws stuck in her sweater.
  • FireLy: Wears flammable clothes even though she's a pyromaniac.
  • Grenza: Most likely to drown in a batch of apple juice.
  • Grinny: He's beaten the Happy Tree Friends game "False Alarm". ...Four times.
  • Kiko: No one can beat her at hide-and-seek during the winter.
  • Xtian: Gets into a lot of trouble with Cuddles and Toothy.

Workaholic Pack

  • Asprin: Known to be very clumsy. Especially with needles.
  • Reggie: He's currently running for mayor. Vote Reggie!
  • Pierre: Known far and wide for his well groomed mustache.
  • Milchy: As a novice magician, she's still trying to get used to riding on a flying broomstick
  • Lemon Meringue: Novice fortune teller who can predict almost everything but her own demise.
  • Bagles: Bagles isn't a nickname, but his real name. What a delicious coincidence!

Unreal Pack

  • Crusher the Pinata: Always gets invited to parties for the wrong reasons.
  • Chairy: He's surprisingly active for a living chair.
  • Whimsy: She bleeds rainbows and sparkles! How lovely!
  • Two Faced Cookie: Always willing to party! He never has a crumby time!
  • Twinkies: Vomits a lot, which makes him unpopular at parties.
  • Sparkles: Nutty keeps trying to eat her mane, mistaking it for candy.
  • Draco: Wants to be scary, he's is way too cute to be taken seriously.
  • Doomy: He's the author of a highly successful horror novel series.

Bear-ing It All Pack

  • Cawky: Smoothest gunslinger in the west. ...Or so he claims.
  • Marky: Loves to go three times faster than the speed limit on his bike.
  • Sqwishley: Prefers to live in the forest rather than the city.
  • Teddy: Takes his baths in a washing machine. Gentle cycle only.
  • Topaz: Once gave a customer a painful tattoo in the wrong place.
  • Twitch: His favorite meal is cooked liver with a side of fava beans.

Cat-astrophe Pack

  • Kitty: Likes to share sweaters with Lammy.
  • Melty: Closely resembles a scoop of mint ice cream.
  • Puffington Von Whiskar: Titleholder of the "Fanciest Name" award for 3 years in a row.
  • Quail: Secretly coughs up hairballs on people's rugs out of spite.
  • Sassy: She takes great pride in her bow.
  • Cherry: Contrary to popular belief, her favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.

Flying Flock Pack

  • Blaze: Her favorite snack to make is smores. Extra toasty, of course.
  • Bluie: Has an extremely popular twitter account.
  • Capture: Likes to develop all of his photographs himself.
  • Hatchy: Occasionally has playdates with Cub.
  • Parry: His feathers shine in sunlight. How does he do it? That's his secret.
  • Pebbles: Oddly enough... She's afraid of heights.
  • Pointy: Once got his beak stuck in a dartboard.
  • Tweeters: Has the softest feathers imaginable.

More Bark Than Bite

  • Diana: Pretends to be french, even though she isn't.
  • Frisbee: No one can resist her when she uses her puppy eyes.
  • Poupee: She wants to take a trip to Paris.
  • Rannya: Spends hours every morning fluffing up her fur.
  • Rex: He needs to use a LOT gel to style his hair like that.
  • Ruffle: Owns more purple clothes than anyone else.

Bouncing Bunnies Pack

  • Cheery: Owns a massive collection of creepy stories.
  • Floppidy: Gardening is his favorite pastime.
  • Gloomy: Always REALLY depressed. He communicates mainly through sighs.
  • Lettuce: He's also known as... The Rabbit-Born!
  • Luna: She's absolutely adorable. ...Except during a full moon.
  • Neomi: Has a fear of ghosts and spiders. She's also not fond of Halloween.
  • Paty: Loves to play games. Boardgames, cardgames, sports... You name it, she plays it.

Aquatic Pack

  • Bubbles: Likes to spend all day at the public pool.
  • Coral: Able to sing an irresistable siren song.
  • Salad: Loves to play basketball underwater. How does he do it? It's a mystery!
  • Whalepolu: Shoots water from his head when he's upset.
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