So, I know that nobody will care, but I am making this blog because... whatever. These are my beliefes about age of every character.


15 - Reckless and careless, and still acting like a child, I figured 15 would suit him the most.


15 - She has to be the same age as Cuddles.


15 - He has to be the same age as Cuddles too.


32 - Oh yeah, an adult. He acts like he is in his 30s, he is a bit older, but still got energy to do things (but not in a way they are supposed to be done)


16 - Oh yeah, she has to be similar age to Giggles, but I gave her my age, just because I feel like she is a bit older than Giggles is.


20 -  I don't know how thing go on the other side of the globe, but I feel like 20 is when people start to take construction job seriously, and I can't imagine him older or younger.


14 - A child character who acts a bit less mature than the others... I'll go with 14!


13 - He looks like a 13-year old, acts like a 13year old, and probably is a 13-year old.


35 - An ideal age of a parent, when my parents had about 35 years I was in my greatest years as a child.


4 - He is a baby that is starting to grow up a little. 4-year old it is.


12 - She is deffinetly younger than the other characters. She has too much problems with hanging out with older kids.

The Mole

52 - He looks like an older champ. He's gonna be +50!

Disco Bear

56 - 70's Disco star, I think I have the age right. 56 is a good age of pedophilia too xd.


17 - He is a child character, but I feel he is a bit more resourceful than the other characters.


27 - Heck everyone thinks this is their age, I agree.


27 - Ditto.


13 - A cute little Mime can't be older or younger, 13 is just perfect for him!


12000 - Random number, nobody gives a damn :P.


41 - A retired veteran, 40+ should do fine.


29 - He is an young adult, still has a few thing left to learn (let's be honset that's not true)


17 - She acts more older than the others and old enough to be a psychopath too.

Mr. Pickles

17 Imaginary (45 Real)

I want to see your opinions about age of every character.

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