In I Nub You, I have reason to believe Handy and Petunia could have been bought back to life twice. In the episode, Lumpy sews his own arms to Handy/Petunia. However, in order to sew his arms onto their body, he would have needed arms, and you can't have arms to sew with when you already removed them to sew onto the Handy/Petunia body. This shows that Lumpy is able to actually sow without his arms, as he removed his arms and sowed them onto the body, without the use of arms. If he can sew without arms, there is a likely chance he could have sewn Petunia and Handy back together even with his arms missing. And as shown the first time they are brought back to life in the episode, the characters are able to simply come back to life when sewn together. I personally believe that Handy and Petunia should be considered surving characters, or their deaths should at least become debatable. Someone could possibly even ask for a confirmation. If you see this, get others to have a look at this. Thanks, your friend, Sniffles (Thrillhouse69)!
No arms

Possibly used left arm to sew right arm on, then used no arms to sew left arm on? Also, brought back to life by being sewn back together.

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