Well, hello, everybody! Today, it will be a discussion about my top ten favorite episodes starring Pop "AND" Cub. Well, Cub did have some starring roles in the old seasons by himself, yet, Pop never got it himself, so... It is only fair that both got to share the same roles, being listed at the same time of my blogs, right? Well, right... Anyways, also, i do kinda feel... Like, y'know? Yeah, it doesn't feel like that i have, yet, used their episodes alot when i did "Top Ten Favorite Episodes" blogs before in the past... Well, still, i seriously will think about which episodes starring those two are my favorites. Well, it feels nice at first, until things are going wrong, yet, it is still nice to view those two, yeah... Let's just start, shall we?:

10: Havin' A Ball

(Welp, why not? Starting with their first episode? Why, yes... So, as Pop accidentally dropped their ball to the other side of the road, Pop "HAVE" to be brave, so... Yeah, even if he got badly injured, however, he managed to get the ball, only to accidentally fall off a cliff and die! Wow, died in his debut? Despite him being usually a survivor, however? Well, heck, he even... Died, before his Son, yet, Cub died as well. Yeah, this episode is at least showing us that Pop attempts to be brave and that Cub is having some skills so that he could safely get down to get the ball all my himself. Well, why not? Too bad those personalities of them wasn't shown that often in more episodes, hm...)

9: Chip Off the Ol' Block

(So, Pop is just being lazy as Cub is having to work all by himself? Wow, what a lazy Father... Still, at least he are aware of what happened to Cub, so... Kinda responsible, placing him on the hammock, using the lawnmower, instead... Yet, it wasn't exactly Pop's fault that those glass shards was in the way, yet, he shouldn't have his eyes closed, and, yet, again... This obviously is in "THEIR" Garden, so... Who the heck does this? Maybe Lumpy? He seems to be their... Neighbor? As seen in a later episode, of course, also as old that is an episode i will... Mention, later. Yet, yeah, what if Pop throws those things by purpose, eh? Also, Cub died brutally, tho... Pop wasn't aware. Of course, i believe that Pop will be concerned afterwards, noticing that he have been burning Cub, ALIVE! Yeah, pretty dark and pretty mean... He should have used the lawnmower in the first place, yet, Cub is indeed happy to help his Father, so... Idk, lol...)

8: Snip Snip Hooray!

(Yeah, yet, i won't feel as happy when people are giving "ME" a haircut. It takes time. Still, who knew that Cub have alot of hair under his hat? Wow... Looks like Disco Bear, XD... So, actually, are Pop like himself in the episode i just mentioned above? Well, yeah, Pop failed tho to notice what happened to Cub later in the ending, yet, he might afterwards, checking thought about what just happened. Hm, however, Cub's death was kinda worse in this one, imo. Heck, how could he put that into his mouth? Still, it seems nice that Cub easily forgives Pop for a tiny mistake and that Pop most likely did that "Handy Scowl" XD... Yeah, it is an old episode, got not that much to say for it, btw... Right...)

7: Water Way to Go

(This episode is a little bit different, tho. Well... As they are in the beach, Pop attempts afterwards to open a can of soda for Cub, yet, it was probably badly shaken, and... I'm so surprised that there was no blood on Cub's face, just some bruses that is seen. Welp, Pop is still stupid enough, maybe? However, Cub wasn't aware of the water getting closer, either... Also, lol, i remember when i saw "Milk Pong" when somebody played it on YouTube, i guess? Yeah... I saw that clip before i saw the episode, lol, wondering what happened to the ice creams in the original. Ok, anyways, back to this episode... Cub didn't deserve that death, either! It was so brutal... Yet, it is HTF, tho. But, of course, still, Pop will probably afterwards waste his life looking for Cub in the ocean. Tho, i guess we can say that he went there to be "Finding Cub" if y'know what i meant? XD... Ah, at least Pop is concerned for Cub during the ending of this episode, btw, yeah...)

6: Stealing the Spotlight

(Yup, y'know, this is the exactly episode i just mentioned in "Number 9" above. Well, anyways, Lumpy are kinda... Trying to be The Grinch in this one? He seems... Jealous, during Christmas... Yeah, well, Pop and Cub got a way nicer looking house then Lumpy's, having decorated it perfectly. But, meanwhile, Pop's parenting is just awful, why? Yeah, he is, however, messing things up for poor Cub, it looks kinda painful and how he stupidly places back... The tooth? Ow, it looks so wrong, yet, yeah... He later accidentally dropped a bucket with nails in it, right on Cub's head! Also, he seems to torture Cub by purpose by that last nail, causing him to cry, yet, he smiles... Anyways? Wow, what a Father... Yet, Cub is smiling afterwards, as their Christmas lights is impressing everybody, heck, even Lumpy... Yet, yeah, he's killing everybody afterwards, including Pop and Cub. Well, lol, the way everybody died and, including Pop and Cub, lol, kinda cool, including how The Mole survived. Ok, anyways, i probably imagined that Lumpy "MIGHT" died afterwards, even if he appears to survive in this episode, i included that in an old list, if you saw it in the past, well... You see now, Pop doesn't die that much, yeah, yet, this is their longest episode during Season 1-2, Obviously... Pretty decent for a Christmas episode, but!:...)

5: Clause For Concern

(Yup, this is another Christmas-Themed Episode about Pop and Cub, and, now, dudes... Pop and Cub doesn't appear on the same time for long, in fact, Cub's role appears to be minor, still, Pop is having very much focus during this one. Yup, and, i checked my blog listing for my favorite "Christmas-Themed" episodes from the past, i did have this episode mentioned right after "Stealing the Spotlight" to not avoid confusion. Well, as i said, Pop and Cub appears to be starring characters at the same time, as always. But, Cub is staying at home the whole time, we do believe tho that Cub was inside the bag which got badly injured and killed during Pop driving to the mall as Santa. Also, lol, we saw Truffles, heck, even smiling, YAY! ^^! Anyways... Cub survived, it was nothing in the bag that is alive, just some things? Well, we probably seems surprised that nobody died in this episode, yet, after the end credits, there actually was an alternative scene, when Cub is attempting to touch a light switch, only for him, afterwards, to be killed by Pop, opening the door. Well, what a surprise. Imo, Pop should probably have his own starring role in some future episodes, just like how Cub was able to star without him in older episodes, yet, of course they should be together, now, most of the times, anyways. Cub also should maybe be by himself, if possible, lol. Still, i also wonder if Truffles should have a visible role like this, again. Still, visible or not, i found this episode to be funny, as we got tricked, believe that nobody died, until we see the scene after the ending, well, end credits. Right, i found it funny, that's all, yeah...)

4: Read 'em and Weep

(Ok, so, they have meeted Toothy during this episode, cool, he meets everybody, lol. Still, during this episode, Pop is even cheap, not wanting a book that costs that much that Cub wants... In fact, he rather buys a scary-looking book. Heck, he even is not aware of how demonic the book sounds when he reads for it to Cub at night, yet, Cub is aware and uncomfortable immediately when he heard it, even... So, Pop have no idea why it's raining dead birds? Wow... Poor Cub, traumatized because of a creepy book, yet, it is also creepy when The Demon is controlling Cub and is never seen most likely as it's normal and real self. Now, during the morning, Pop and Cub is having breakfast, well, he is feeding Cub, of course, and... Not wondering why Cub looks so weird? Wow... Yeah, Petunia did not deserve that death, also, after Pop is calling Lumpy, he did defeat The Demon, removing it out of Cub's body, yet, idk if Pop knew that Cub was free during that time or he just wanted Cub to stop suffering? Still, yeah... Both deaths in this episode seems disappointed, imo. And, yeah, it ends sad. However, The Demon being inside Lumpy, without affecting him? Lol, probably because of his job, he probably will eat it and survive, hope so. Anyways, kinda scary for a Halloween Episode, yet, it's not so bad, i enjoyed it, yeah...)

3: And the Kitchen Sink

(Kinda surprised that Lumpy didn't appear in this TV Series Episode, just like "Easy For You to Sleigh" however, in this episode, Pop and Cub are starring all by themselves, yet, Cub fall into the mud, meanwhile Pop thought that he was inside some cactuses, lol... He attempts to make Cub clean again in the... SINK? Wow, what a donkey... Sorry, XD. Still, so, he is attempting to help Cub to be clean "AND" to get outta that sink which he just got recently stuck inside in... Only for him to make it worse, of course... Heck, Pop is using his car to help Cub, only for the sink to get along on the road, causing disasters to happen, and... Yeah... It looked like that Cub died, just his head left, so, duh, seeing his Son "Dead" like that, i would have hated the death, probably because of how sad it gets, just like the episode above... Yet, dudes, Cub survived that, however... What a relief, phew! And... As he finally puts Cub in the bathtub, he forgot to... Turn off the water? Well, Cub drowned, yet, it isn't debatable? Well, it still is a better death then the sad deaths, of course, this episode is showing us how bad it can be when Pop attempts to help Cub, yet, he was of course crying over Cub's death, showing that he's good and doesn't hate Cub, yeah, Cub is also seen forgiving Pop, again, despite all the crap he was getting, they kinda love each other, of course, yup!)

2: A Hole Lotta Love

(Now! 1 Other episode? Well, they technically got "three" Starring Roles in The TV Series, however, i only needed to add ten episodes about them, besides, they didn't have much for being "Starring Characters" In the other 1 episode that didn't make it, is also probably why i didn't... Include it, yeah. Anyways, 1 episode like this, it is their best, in The TV Series, though. The TV Series seems to like those two... Alot! Yet, yeah, Pop did save Cub at first from falling down the wall, he do care for Cub, yeah, not too responsible but still. Also, as quick as Pop turns around, Cub is gone! Only his hat there! So, Pop is finally being with other characters, longer then he usually is. Well, probably his first time meeting those three? Idk. Still, Pop is also having a longer starring role without Cub just like in "Clause For Concern" as Cub was only in the start and in the ending of both episodes, wow... Still, as people probably thinks that Pop's personality sucked in this episode, well, wouldn't we all be impatient to save somebody or something we care about, btw? Well, keep in mind, Cub might die of hunger or thirst, also, still, even if he didn't die of hunger or thirst, he might have got eaten by... Well, a wolf? They can eat young bears, btw, can't they? *Shrugs* Still, Pop and Sniffles are later fighting over who should steer the machine, causing them to make everything worse, also, Pop seems disgusted over Sniffles' death, yet, he seems to hate Sniffles as seen in "Who's to Flame?" But, of course... At least he didn't smile during Sniffles' death in this episode, yeah... However, Cub was ok all the time? For so much? Well, he didn't finish his ice cream as it took like at even least one day and night, even... Hm, if he leaved his hat only for making Pop knowing where his returning spot is, Cub should rather stay as Pop is his Father, after all. Well, still, as Pop didn't drive over Cub, he was accidentally causing Cub to fall down the well in the ending... Wow... And, as his death is debatable, imo, Cub survived, so, in that case, it is worth for Pop to look after Cub, yeah, he didn't smash to death when he fell down then, if, uh, the well isn't "THAT" deep, lol. Imo, it isn't. Yet, Lumpy should kinda be in this episode in the machine, rather then pooping all the time, lol. Anyways, Pop and Cub are good in this one, Pop rlly wants Cub to be alive, and, Cub appears to handle all by himself, so... I like how they are portrayed in this episode, yeah, that is all, yup!)

And number one is:...


(Yup, i guess that it is, sadly, the only episode i so used in a "Top Ten" List? Well, about those two? Ok, sure, i probably used their "Christmas Episodes" and "Halloween Episode" when i'm doing blogs about my favorite episodes taking place in Christmas and Halloween, well, why do i even say "Probably" tho, i did! Anyways, ahem, this was in my list for my favorite "Irregular Episodes" So, yeah... It is the best episode about those two, imo! Yeah, so, after Cub died because of Lumpy, Pop didn't give up, he decided to turn Cub into a giant robot, probably so that he won't easily die... Well, during their day, btw, Cub is causing some damaging, and, yeah, even hurting Lumpy and later killing him, tho, i don't think that Lumpy meant it... Well, still, it is so creative with the episode's animation and how Cub, well, "Cubtron" found a new Mother, yet, i don't ship her with Pop for obvious reasons... EW! >_<! Anyways, yeah, even if everything in the town was ruined in the ending, except for their own house for some reason? Well, Lumpy was even seen alive again, despite getting killed before, hm... Maybe because it is an error? Still, only time somebody is seen alive after being dead as an error? Right, i also like how Pop was so stupid for forgetting how huge Cubtron is, causing Pop to get killed in the ending. Well, finally Cub "DID" Survive a Starring Role as Pop died, still, i don't blame Pop, anyways... He didn't even kill his Son at all in this episode, however, i liked how both wasn't noticing the size, so... They got maybe not a real happy ending, anyways. After all, the way the characters looked was quite cute and i liked how Pop created Cubtron, even if he didn't turn Cub was to life in earlier episodes. Well, even so, i probably haven't "TOO" much to say about it, no, haven't, but... Because of how "AWESOME" it was, but, yeah, because it is the best episode about both of them, Cub is becoming awesome and Pop is shown to be very creative, even, very creative. Yeah, yet, i got not anything left to say, anyways, this is my favorite "Pop and Cub" Episode, you bet, of course, yup!)

So, there you have it people, got a favorite or least favorite episode for Pop and/or Cub? Uh, yeah, tell me about it or do a blog about it, and... Pls, don't post any "Dang" comments or pointless ones with just one word, well, you know who i am talking about, right? Right! Anyways, i would appreciate it if somebody "WAS" paying attention for my recent blogs, nowadays! Not that i'm mad or anything, but... I am working my butt on doing it. Sigh, anyways, obviously, Flaky's Episode will be in the next time, also, Pop and Cub maybe got the third most starring roles right after Sniffles and then Lumpy? Well, anyways, what did you think? Tell me about it, and... Yeah, again, don't say "Dang" or, yeah, if you are the guy i refer, don't post anything pointless, however, i do appreciate if you are an user who usually saw my blogs. Anyways, thanks for watching, and, even if reminding seems pointless, Flaky's even the next character when i talk about episodes in the next time, so... See ya during that day, thx for reading, well... BYE! ^^!

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