Yo! What is going on, guys? Anyways, i am so sorry, i haven't done a blog for two weeks, missed one week, i was obviously too busy to contribute to not waste my time on only blogs, y'know? Also, i know that i was supposed to work on the blog about Handy's Episodes, (I said "Relationships" at first by mistake) but, y'know, i wasn't rlly ready today, so, i thought i could do a blog where i post my thoughts if The HTF Cast was South Park Characters. Sorry, Handy. *Handy scowls at me* Heh. <:/, Ok, maybe, uh, another day i will work on it. So, still, i will include every main character and The Tiger General in this version, anybody saw my former blog where i use The HTF Cast as SpongeBob Characters? Well, this is kinda the sequel, and if anybody is interested about my thoughts of other versions, pls, give me requests, i can do a HTF Version of pretty much anything, so, don't be shy, if ya like? Ok, we are about to begin pretty soon.

NOTE: It is recommended that you have seen South Park, otherwise, you might be confused and have no idea who those characters are, if you have seen, you may watch, but, if you want to watch anyway, ya can enjoy.

Let's start this!:

Cuddles - Stan Marsh

Toothy - Kyle Broflovski

Flippy/Evil Fliqpy - Eric Cartman (Good and Bad)

Handy - Kenny McCormick

Mime - Butters Stotch

Giggles - Wendy Testaburger

Cro-Marmot - Timmy

The Mole - Jimmy Vulmer

Nutty - Tweek

Sniffles - Pip

Disco Bear - Craig Tucker

Petunia - Bebe Stevens

Pop - Mr. Garrison

Lumpy - Mr. Mackey

Cub - Ike Broflovski

Flaky - Heidi Turner

Lifty and Shifty - Terrance and Phillip

Tiger General - Saddam Hussein

Russell - Towelie

Splendid - Mr. Hankey

Lammy - Tammy Warner

And: Mr. Pickels - GS-401

So, did you agree with my picks? Also, if you is like: "Why is (Character) being (Character)?" If ya wonder? Well, obviously, you can ask in the comments in this blog, i will explain my reasons for the roles, if ya is obviously wondering, btw. Tho, isn't this pretty much obvious, anyways? So, as i said, i take requests, so, if you want me to work on something more like this, pls, give me an idea, and, well, i might do it in some day, ok? Feel free to give me ideas. Ok, however, the current blog will be about "Handy's Episodes" (Again, almost said "Relationships") so anyways, feel free to give me a request and i would make it some other day, well, who would notice this blog, anyways? So, ok, next time will be about Handy's Episodes, so, thanks for watching, see you in another blog day, bye!

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