Oh, ok, i haven't made a blog since, uh, two weeks i guess? Gee, anyway, guys, i know that today is April Fools Day, but i AM serious, IF i ain't contributing or anything in wiki, then, the wi-fi or is the Internet itself, not being working. I heard this might happen in three days, so, i have worked freaking hard on contributing every single day, and, i have once lost that after travelling and returning back home, now, IF it will happen again, it is wasted. Also, it is so sad that it might happen, due to the virus. Anyway, it is safe to say that i maybe will be contributing like usual, yet, yeah, IF you won't see me working on an edit or blog or commenting, etc. Anything like that in a day, then, i lost The Internet. Just reminding, yeah. Anyway, since it IS April Fools Day, i might do a joke. But, ok, i will do the, uh, blog about Truffles' Relationships today. APRIL FOOLS! That was the joke. Ok, maybe not funny, still, i should do that blog tomorrow or depending WHEN i want to do a blog. Still, i hope you understand IF i won't be on my computer and contributing anything, thanks for reading, and i might be active this month, bye!

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