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    Who Misses "Ka-Pow!"?

    September 11, 2010 by Pyro Python

    It's been a few years since Ka-Pow! came out, and also when it last appeared on our screens. I'm just wondering who misses Ka-Pow!, i know i do, i miss Buddhist Monkey's kung fu showdowns, Splendid's and Splendont's rivalries, and Flippy just being a bad***. I've been told there's no news on it coming back, so i made a little userbox (among others, and others still to make) for missing Ka-Pow!. :)

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    Red vs. Blue: Like?

    August 29, 2010 by Pyro Python

    As of late August 2010, i have an episode from Red vs. Blue's 8th season on my user page, and i have to say, i freakin' love the series. It's witty, silly, and just downright insane, with a fair bit of bad language, but hey, it adds to the comedy. Anyone else here like RvB? Made by RoosterTeeth Production, who use Bungie Studios Halo and Marathon video game series to create it.

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    Animal Titles Vote

    January 27, 2010 by Pyro Python

    Thank you for your votes, everyone, and commenting is still open. However, no more votes can or will be counted, thank you.
    A few days back, i set up a fairly large set of animal articles that i felt were missed out, what i am asking for here is vote on some of the animals' names, because i've found that some of these names may not make sense for their articles.

    What to vote on:

    1. Should The Seagulls be changed to The Gulls? (i found on Wikipedia that is what they are called - link
    2. Should The Turtle be changed to (there were a few ways to change it):
      1. The Tortoise?
      2. Toothy's Turtle?
      3. Toothy's Tortoise?

    The turtle was has many choices because it has been seen with Toothy (assuming it's the same one), and i noticed a few days ago that we've been calling …

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    I'm sure by now everyone's seen Swelter Skelter, if you haven't, go watch it now. My point is, most, if not, all people have looked at Nutty's death and thought "WTF?!". Even though it is normally slagged off for being stupid and unrealistic, even by HTF standards, i, among many other people, have laughed at it for what it is: unexpected.

    I've put this blog up not to troll or whine, but do something similar to what a lot of people do here: which is, essentially, creating a fan-made episode (or the idea, at least), even though i liked Nutty's death, i still thought the creators themselves were thinking, "we could've done better than that", and this is why i wanted to make this joke:

    Imagine the scene where Nutty trips over and his brain explo…

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  • Pyro Python

    Flaky:Flaked or Unflaked

    December 14, 2009 by Pyro Python

    I've been working on custom images, not all HTF related, but i always wondered, what would Flaky look like Unflaked?

    I took the picture off of HTF and edited out the dandruff (not a professional job, but oh well).

    Then i decided to do a comparison picture, and from that i thought the Unflaked looks the best. :P

    Ignoring the fact it would defeat the point of her name, which do you guys think LOOKs the best?

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