PokemonTDHTF98 PokemonTDHTF98 21 April 2016

What if HTF has a reboot?

I was thinking about it all day at school and everything. Plus, there hasn't been any new episode for like 2 years or something, and I'm thinking "What if HTF has a reboot?

In my opinion, I would love it if HTF reboot is an anime-like style with continuous plots, like every other anime, such as Pokemon, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball, etc, but with why they have been reincarnated all the time and other good plots. Also, have all the characters (Minus Mime, Cro-Marmot, Mr. Pickels, and The Mole(because they're silent)) speak clear English all the time. Like every other anime, about 22- 30 minutes long per episode, like every 30-min TV Shows, and have an Anime Opening and Ending with HTF with Japanese music.

That's all of my ideas. Agree, Disa…

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PokemonTDHTF98 PokemonTDHTF98 25 February 2016

If Happy Tree Friends are in Super Smash Bros . . .

I'm thinking about it for a few years and What if Happy Tree Friends are going to be in Smash Bros (Which is a high chance of not going to happen). So I thought for who will be the fighters, what stage is it going to be, what items will be used, and who will be an assist trophy

Here are my choices:







Deadeye Derby

False Alarm stages

Assist Trophies:

Buddhist Monkey


The Cursed Idol: Which I think that once you pick it up, you'll get 50%, but if you're 100%, you'll get KOed. If you throw it and hit your opponent, no matter how low the percentage it is, your opponent gets KOed.

I know it wouldn't happen, but if there is, which characters do you want to see as fighters, what stages you want to see, who's go…

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PokemonTDHTF98 PokemonTDHTF98 23 February 2016

What if we have a HTF Crossover Episode.

Before I start this blog, let me tell you, I'm truly sorry that I just edited my profile instead of anything else for a past few months. I hope you guys can forgive me about my error.

Back on topic, It's been a while since I've done my last blog. I was thinking that what if we have a Crossover Episode of HTF. I think it's a really good idea since both shows would contribute with each other.

In my opinion, If I had to pick, I would choose Pokemon and HTF Crossover because I love both of these shows and it might fit, but not doing any blood or gore since, but make it kid-friendly. In your opinion, which show do you want to have a crossover with and why? And What you like about HTF and Pokemon Crossover in your opinion since it's been a while I…

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PokemonTDHTF98 PokemonTDHTF98 28 July 2015

Which character is overrated (In your opinion)?

Okay, I was thinking which character is overrated in your opinions. Before I tell you what is overrated. Overrated is when a character has been in the center of attention or some like that. Without any do, I'll tell you who is overrated:

Yep, It's Lumpy, because he appears in many episodes and most of his appearances, he kills people (Which is his idiot running gag throughout the series or some like that) and mostly everybody (including me) does not like him.

It's just a discussion, but other than that, who do you think is the most overrated character in your opinion and why you think he/she is overrated.

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PokemonTDHTF98 PokemonTDHTF98 2 July 2015

Will there be LGBT in future HTF?

A few weeks ago, the USA allows all 50 states, and I mean ALL 50 states, LGBT. Since HTF has been made in America, maybe it could be a good idea. Not trying to be sexist or anything, it's like there are more guys than girls in the series. In my opinion, I really do not like Giggles with any other guys, along with Petunia. SO maybe it's a good idea if the HTF guys date, just like Lumpy and The Mole (whom thinks Lumpy is Giggles) in Blind Date. Will you think they'll ever have one?

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