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  • OrigamiHound

    If i'm not wrong i think this topic may have been discussed, but i can't seem to find one blog post related to it.

    I had this thought swirling in my mind in the past few days : 

    Characters that you pity when they die in particular episodes? That's a pretty funny thing to say, as htf is known for their gory but hilarious deaths and injuries. But for me, the more i rewatch them as i grow up, the more emotional it gets for some scenes. Whether it's a death that makes the plot interesting or a funny ones, I feel sympathy towards :

    • Both Russell and Lumpy's in Get Whale soon :
    Getting stuck in a whale's body and struggling to find a way to escape. The reason why i somehow felt emotional for this episode is because of a similar scene to Pinocchio th…
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