Oof4brains Oof4brains 29 January 2020

Terrific, tasteless, tricky, tongue-twisting tongue twisters just for you!

Hello, Happy Tree Fans! I know the characters all have their own alliterations, but I suggest they're not that fun. So I made brand new fanmade tongue twisters just for you! Enjoy trying these tongue-twisting tongue twisters!

  • The background of the tongue twisters are the color of their fur.
  • The diagraphs/letters the characters' names initiate with are in bold.

  • Cuddles is happily sitting on a log, smiling with both arms outstretched. A tree and skateboard stand right next to the log the rabbit is sitting on. "Completely cute, concerned, courageous, and curious, this creature called a character can care, cuddle, and continue to calm down."
  • Giggles skips through a pink flower field, giggling merrily. "Giggly and gullib
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