I suppose I should start with a simple hello, so, well, hello!

Sitting in my exam session this morning, I came to realise today's date, 16 November 2016. Now, that may just be a date to the rest of you, but to me it marks one whole year here on the HTF wiki. Now I know most users get fancy badges around this time, but sadly I couldn't keep up a daily edit for each of those days, badges don't bother me much anyways.

As stated in a message on my wall, I have been on this wiki right through one of its gloomiest and most uncertain times, but I held strong and maintained some form of constant activity. And now with the announcement of new episodes, I see my patience wasn't meaningless.

Throughout this time I met some amazing people and saw quite a few good users come, go, and then come back again. Some of these users took me to different wikis, and introduced me to even more people, some who I would go on to form an incredibly tight bond with, others who would annoy me beyond comprehension, though with good intention, though mostly just people who would go on to help me become who I am today.

When I first came here I was new to everything, including the interaction with others over the internet, and the frequent use of the English language. Though despite my inexperience and sometimes blatant meaningless rambling, I still felt welcome in the community. I have since joining also learned an entire array of new skillsets, in both the social and technological realm. And even though there were stressful times, hard times, times of great dissapointment, there were also happy times and interesting new concepts every now and then.

Now, as far as my future here goes, I'm not intending on leaving any time soon, and the end of my exams is around the corner. I will for a while not be able to run our chat bot due to computer issues, though I'll try to get him back up and running by December when I believe discussions on the new episodes as well as community growth will be at an all time high.

Thank you for your time, and I'll see you on the wiki

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