Lord O' Darkness Lord O' Darkness 12 June 2016

A series of polls

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Lord O' Darkness Lord O' Darkness 14 May 2016

Why do I keep coming back here?

It feels like forever since Happy Tree Friends released its latest episode. This show just feels so outdated and ancient now. 

Yet everyday I visit this site and the fanon wiki, and end up doing little to no activity. At this point I have moved on to new things.

...but I get this urge to keep coming back here. Why?

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Lord O' Darkness Lord O' Darkness 28 April 2016

Movie and New Eps

Yesterday I went back to Kenn's Twitter page and found this tweet. And it makes me wonder...

1) "If there is a movie I'm not aware of it."

  • He's probably not aware at this point because he no longer works with Mondo. Perhaps he'll be appointed to work on the movie (or at least notified about it) once it begins actual production?

2) "We're exploring the possibility of doing some new eps."

  • Who does he mean by "we[re]"? Does this mean he is reconnecting with Mondo or having thoughts about doing so? Nevertheless, it's good to see hope hasn't been abandoned.

These are just guesses of mine. We could open discussions here since the movie's comment section is getting overcrowded with theories of the show's status. Personally at this point, I don't care …

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Lord O' Darkness Lord O' Darkness 6 February 2016

If Happy Tree Friends was really over

I'm not giving up hope just yet (however I'm no longer contributing to the fanon wiki, except for the occasional pictures). But if you found out Dream Job was the last episode and this truly was the last you'd see of the HTF gang, what would your reaction be?

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Lord O' Darkness Lord O' Darkness 12 December 2015

Title Cards

Such as these:

Does anyone think we should add them into the episodic infoboxes? Just a thought.

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