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    Hello guys!, this is my first blog post and i want to do it interesting, i wanna know what death for you is the most brutal (or ironic) of all, as you know, on every Happy Tree Friends episode someone dies (Not including 4 or 5 episodes) So the selected 11 most brutal deaths(*) (selected by me) are:


    Sniffles Death on "A Hard Act to Swallow" :

    Handy's Death on "Shard at Work" :

    Disco Bear, Giggles, and Petunia's Death (all together on) "Double Whammy Part 1" :

    Lumpy's Death on "The Way You Make Me Wheel" :

    Mole's Death on "Don't Yank My Chain pt.2" :

    Flaky's Death on Her "Baseball Smochie option "Catch" 

    Lifty's Death on "Swelter Skelter" :

    Mime's Death on "Mime's Olympics Smoochie option "Hammer Throw" :

    Flippy's Death on "Autopsy Turvy/Double Whammy Part 2" :

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