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Note: This is the trivia for From Hero to Eternity.


  • This is the first episode of the TV series in which the starring character survives.
  • This is one of the four episodes where Splendid is not responsible for every death in this episode. The other three are Wrath of Con, See What Develops and Mirror Mirror.
  • It is hinted in this episode that Pop might not be fond of Splendid, as he looks somewhat annoyed when Splendid repeatedly enters and leaves the laundromat.
  • This is the only regular episode where one can be certain that Cro-Marmot has died, as he is sucked into a hole that plunges him into lava.
  • Pop and Handy are the only characters in this episode that are not killed by Splendid.
  • This is the first episode in which the bottom of Splendid's tummy marking is curved.
  • If one notices when the water starts draining, The Mole can be seen standing on Cro-Marmot's block of ice.
  • This is the first TV episode to feature all four blue characters.
  • Disco Bear, Flippy, and Mime are the only characters who do not appear in this episode.
  • The starring characters from the previous episode (Lumpy and Sniffles) make appearance roles in this episode.
  • On the official Happy Tree Friends site, this episode was posted under the title "Hero to Eternity" instead of "From Hero to Eternity". Also, for some reason, the episode was posted twice (first during 2009, and second during 2010).
  • A link to Part 1 of this episode on YouTube was the first thing ever to be posted on the official Facebook page for Happy Tree Friends.
  • The YouTube thumbnail for Part 1 spoils Cuddles' death.

Cultural References

  • The title of this episode is a parody of the 1953 Best Picture winner, From Here to Eternity.
    • Despite this, the episode has no similarities at all to the movie, similar to This Is Your Knife, which is named after a 1950s TV show called This Is Your Life.

Production Notes

  • This episode aired along with The Wrong Side of the Tracks and And the Kitchen Sink. The alternate title for this conglomeration of the segments is "One Foot in the Grave." Cuddles, Giggles, Flaky, Lifty, and Shifty appear in all 3 of these episodes. Additionally, Cuddles, Giggles (debatably), Lifty, and Shifty die in all three, while Flaky dies twice.
  • Although David Winn replaced Lumpy some time before this episode, this is his first time voicing Splendid.


  • Cuddles' death is similar to Toothy's death in Ski Patrol.
  • Giggles' injury is similar to Lumpy's injury in Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow.


  • The tree house Sniffles and Nutty are in is the same one as in House Warming. It has the same details, decorations, and shape.
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