I found this website about Happy Tree Friends, and it looked amazing. On the website, you get to play the Smoochies with a designed border, the Kringles with a few decorations, and all the episodes up until Shard at Work. When you watch an episode, there will be a loading screen that says "Hang in there, Kids!" with a bunch of flowers with faces on them. And when you watch the episode, the sides of the screen look kind of funny. I assume this was the old way of watching the episodes back then.

Check out the website, and you get to see what Happy Tree friends looked like back then.

Old Link:

New Link:


  1. If there's an ad at the beginning of an episode, don't worry about it, they're short.
  2. When watching an episode, there's no gauge that lets you jump to jump to any part of the episode.
  3. All the episodes up until Hide and Seek have no replay button when the credits end. You have to re-upload the page in order to see it again.
    1. Also, when you click on the title of old episodes, the video doesn't play instantly. You have to click on the image displayed.
  4. These are episode that are not available (unless your server has the link):
    1. Havin' A Ball
    2. Water You Wading For
    3. This Is Your Knife
    4. Treasure Those Idol Moments

If the screen is white and the video doesn't start, right click your mouse button and press play. It should start playing.

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