aka Zyre

  • I live in Happy tree village
  • I was born on November 18
  • My occupation is I like to put my finger to the tablet and make lines, Go on a website and watch people do things and play a game where you are able to become a squid and a kid (the second one)
  • I am not a gender, i'm a deer XD

I gave up on the face lol

btw my discord tag is Zyre™#0420 (it won't let me change it lol) If I post stuff on here It's most likely for my twitter page or for my discord server so you don't have to pay any mind to the posts I make unless you really like them :)

These beans are epic

Resistance is futile.

Memento mori.

Best boy in both drv2 and the anime if you don't think so fight me

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