aka Zren

  • I live in Serbia
  • I was born on December 26
  • My occupation is Drunk guy
  • I am Male
S3E13 Admin Lumpy
This user is an administrator, don't do anything funny or we will kick your ass!

The video that got me into Happy Tree Friends and eventually led me to finding this wiki. Here.

Hi there Anonymous! I am just a random guy helping the community and learning stuff by editing. So far I love it here. If you have any questions, requests or just want to chat you can do It on my wall. I usually start my day by looking at facebook notifications, chat with some friends, watch some YouTube videos and then come to this wiki. I usually read/edit random stuff until I am disturbed by my friends on Skype. After that I edit stuff inbetween matches (We usually play League Of Legends). When I'm not ill I go out for weekend to hang out with my friends. I also travel to another town, Zrenjanin (thus my name). In Zrenjanin I attempt a school, which is why I'm too busy/lazy to edit as much as I do on weekends.

Status: Semi active.

My friends on the wiki

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My stats

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Total: 6,555
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What I like to do around the wiki

  • I like to make videos and photoshop images.
  • I like to help other users
  • I like to change the survival rates as well as update them when needed.
  • I like to add pictures to the goofs.
  • I like to add goofs if I spot them.
  • I like everything to be in order on this wiki.
  • I like to read everyones lists of their favourite characters.

My favourite characters

  • 1. Handy: Because Handy isn't a big character i didn't realy notice him back when I watched Happy Tree Friends as a child.

    My favourite character!

    An entire year back from now when I got featured video on YouTube HTF all death count my friend wanted to watch that so we did. The first time I notice Handy and his amputation, I started liking him, and as I got deeper and deeper into in Happy Tree Friend he became my fauvorite character. He is the second cutest character in the show, mostly because being handycapped and wearing that yellow constructor hat and his big tail. I don't know why, but I always loved TV or internet character who where to show as less emotions as possible (e.g. Herr Flick from 'Allo 'Allo!), which is in Handy's case as well. I also love his scowl that he does almost everytime he appears in a episode, thus shattering 4th wall into pieces. I can relate to Handy, because we can say that Handy doesn't need The Cursed Idol to have bad luck in episodes. I've been having bad luck since I can remember and only guy I know who's more unlucky than me is the guy that I mentioned earlier. Even though his lack of hands he never gives up upon a challenge requiring hands, he lost his hands, but still remains constructor. He does get the job done, but let's just hope the camera isn't watching...
  • 2.The Mole: I love him in similar ways everyone loves Lumpy (including myself). I just love how he
    Sight 5

    I don't even want to know.

    walks around the Happy Tree Friends universe without noticing the destruction around him, even if he is the one causing it. He is the type of character that can freelly walk around in hell while everyone is meeting their demise. Even The Mole is cute with his ears being closer to top of his head than the rest of the characters and that turtleneck covering his mouth. Also similar to Handy, It is hilarious watching The Mole doing tasks that require eye vision; like watching TV, reading a map, drawing a map, taking pictures, owning paintings...
  • 3. Mime: I never liked deers before in my life except for Bambi, but I don't know why I love Mime so much.

    Can you spot the cutest character ever?

    The only thing I know I love about him is that he is without a doubt the cutest character in Happy Tree Friends universe and quite possibly ever. You can't just say no to that adorable smile, cute little antlers, those small ears, face makeup and cheeks and his cute little deer tail. I love the fact that he can sometimes notice the danger and avoids it, but he gets killed anyways by something else. I think that Mime is smart, but he is so into acting as a Mime that he doesn't care if it kills another character or if that gets Mime into serious trouble. He is unique character who also likes to make noices that doesn't involve his voice.
  • 4. Pop: Simple... Worst Parent Ever! But I don't blame him, he can't even have a single second of his life not thinking about Cub without something bad happening to Cub.
    S3E1 Exorcist 2

    Nothing strange here, eh?

    Even though he does get Cub into trouble just because he looked away for a second, he tries to save him, but always fails. The thing I love about Pop is his reactions to killing Cub which are hilarious! You can't imagine the Worst Parent Ever to be that shocked over killing Cub or just over death of Cub. On the down side Pop sometimes can't tell the difference between dead and alive Cub or between Cub and trash. I personally think that Pop is responsible for his wife's death. Even though Pop and Cub wouldn't be Pop and Cub if Cub didn't die so much by his father, I hate to see Pop die in episodes.
  • 5. Lumpy: He is dumb, but we still like him. Something about his expresions (bad teeth, disorted eyes and his one up and other down antlers) tells you that it's not a good idea to be around him.
    S3E3 WRS58

    The face of true evil! Muahaha...

    Whenever he has those expresions you just know that he will do something retarded, but I still can't stop laughing. Personally I think that Lumpy is semi-smart, but extremly clumsy. Even Lumpy is adorable, even though he does tend to be a jerk sometimes. In Don't Yank My Chain I was going to get dissapointed at Lumpy for "locking up" my two favorite characters for doing nothing wrong until he yelled at Handy STFU, then he was forgiven. Whenever Flippy vs Lumpy I'm rooting for team Lumpy.
  • 6. Lifty: Unlike his brother, Lifty's more likeable. I have my reasons to believe that Lifty is always
    S3E11 Toohottoswing

    I always feel like Lifty is ten times cuter than Shifty is.

    dragged along with Shifty against his will, until Lifty got used to it. Even though Lifty and Shifty look indentical, Lifty is somehow 10-times cuter than his brother and not to mention smarter. I believe that Lifty would always be there for Shifty even though he has been betrayed by him many many times. I know that Ken said that Lifty and Shifty are born at the same time, but I can't look at Lifty not thinking that he is Shifty's little bro. The only episode that Lifty dissapointed me was Sea Of Love where Lifty died beacuse of his own greed, but I think that Lifty needs more episodes to survive without Shifty other than Cheesy Does It.
  • 7. Petunia: The cutest female character out of them all (and hottest by Mondo xd). Its awesome to
    S3E12 INY12

    Naaaw, so sad...

    think that a skunk would be so tidy to grow OCD, which doesn't bother me. But the overall gruesomeness of her deaths makes you pity her. I've always liked animals with large tails, which suites Petunia, and I also love her other acsessories and body marking. But I also love how dim-witted sometimes can be, setting the world on fire or not leaving bathroom stall because she was out of toilet paper, even with facing death. She also loves Handy, which makes her better than other female characters.
  • 8. Lammy: Lammy is the most underrated characted out of the all. Even though she won Vote or Die she still has less appearences than Truffles, of total 7. I'd like to think that she is a psychopath rather than Mr. Pickles being real so she could be higher on my list. She is just cute little lamb just minding her bussiness
    S3E13 ABOAP20

    I think Lammy's a psychopath!

    when everyone starts dying around her. Does she kill them or Mr. Pickles? We may never know. She also unique for being the only character doing her in nature voice.
  • 9. Splendid: Whenever there's trouble up ahead, you can count on Splendid... to make it worse. It's hard to be a superhero, but Splendid will never quit to TRY to help people in danger. I love that he doesn't notice that it is better for everyone to Splendid just quit being superhero. It is hard to think that Splendid

    I'm sure she will be fine.

    is a good guy when he is the one causing the dissaster. It would be funny to think that Splendid is a bad guy (sort of like Fliqpy) pretending to be a good superhero, which would or already fooled everyone. You can't dislike the "nevermind" expresion Splendid does after he messes up. The reason why Splendid isn't higher on my list is because as a superhero (only if my theory from earlier was true) he killed The Mole on purpose for no good reason and that's just cruel.
  • 10. Cuddles: One of the most original characters and also one of the cutest. I've always liked bunnies and I think this one is my favorite. But he isn't someone that special for me to love him that much. I want him to survive only when he has been tortured enough, but that's exactly what Mondo media wants to do. Although I love Lumpy more, my suggestion is that Cuddles should appear more regularly than Lumpy.
  • From now on the list isn't quite insured because I love every character in the show, only some more than others:
  • 11. Giggles: Not very a big fan of chipmunks, but she is cute. The only thing this woman needs to decide is who will be with her for the rest of her life! Though after making the videos about reused assets and taking hobbies DA-ing, she grew up to me, I am finally starting to unravel the "no personality" thing that has been going on and on about her. Her personality is there, and I feel like she could grow up to me more.
  • 12. Cub: Cub can't be higher on my list because I love him; watching him die. No offence, but It wouldn't be funnier vice versa (if Cub is the one killing Pop and then making funny reactions). I love Cub he is cute, but It is funny to watch him die by Pop's bad parenting.
  • 13. Nutty: He is another character designed to be mentally disordered. He is so cute, especially when he skips with one of his legs up. I am a sugar fan, but at least Nutty teaches me to ease down on sugar. Thank you Nutty.
  • 14. Flaky: Not much affection for this character, especially since the "FlippyXFlaky" fanbase ruined her for me. But she is cute. She does have a head little more oval than ussual, which makes me think that she is skinnier that other characters. Don't question it. She should walk more regularly without worrying about a thing to have normal face expresion like others.
  • 15. Toothy: He is like Handy so cute, only thing that he shouldn't have is freckles. Other than that I can't hate this character, but he needs some personality invalid. He appears more like a Generic Tree Friend- In the background as a stand up.
  • 16. Russell: Not much of reasons for Russell. Russell is a friendly pirate with and addorable laugh. I like how he is always titled to sea, but even though he is a pirate he dies everytime when out on open waters. When Russell grows up he'll become a damn Edward Kenway for sure. I used to like Russell more than I like him now, but after rewatching Happy Tree Friends episodes, he became bland to me. I am really sad that he downfell this way.
  • 17. Flippy: Why is Flippy 17th? Simple... The fanbase got me so annoyed, but I still like him, although not so much. He is a nice character a partially funny, but I don't ship him with Flaky :-/ .
  • 18. Shifty: Sorry Shifty you are cute and all, but I couldn't betray my brother after getting him into thug life. But atleast that hat suites him.
  • 19. Sniffles: I hate to admit, but I couldn't find better spot in this list for Sniffles. He appears in too many episodes as a smart science guy, but he is just as unintelligent as Lumpy sometimes. My head hurts over watching him die. He looks like a sloopy character, but he is cute as long as he keeps that mouth closed.
  • 20. Fliqpy: Obvoiusly the fanbase got him into this place. It would be cooler If the characters actually started to run away from him after he flipps out or defend themselves like Lumpy, but I guess that would make all of those happy shippers hate everyone in the show.
  • 21. Disco Bear: I love him, but he is often annoying, I kinda hate people who brag over nothing or sheer luck to impress girls. He should realy get a life, but I love his screams though. For newer users Disco Bear used to be my least favourite character, but he grew up to me, especially after this XD.
  • 22. Mr. Pickles: Either animated object or not, he is just another serial killer in Happy Tree Friends universe. I would want him to be just a object, I think It would be funnier If Lammy was the psychopath not a little pickle guy. If he needs to be a character he needs to appear more in the show as a animated object.
  • 23. Cro-Marmot: Unfortunetly someone needs to take last place on the list. It took me a while to realise that he is actually a character, Not much for other comments to add in here.
S2E14 Injuried Handy
This user wants more episodes where Handy survives in.
S2E9 Mime's death
This user thinks that Mime is the cutest character ever.
S4E7 Spare Tire Pop
This user is in the minority of people who like Pop over Cub.
S4E5 VC Cub
This user is neutral to Cub .
S1E20 Tired
This user thinks that Lifty is younger than Shifty.
STV1E3.3 Oh no
This user thinks that Shifty is the worst brother ever.
STV1E13.2 Flippy Shrug
This user thinks that Flippy is funny but overrated.
S4E5 AVC Fliqpy with a cycle
This user would love Fliqpy more if other characters tried to run away from him.


This user wants Cuddles to have more episodes than Lumpy.
Userbox Giggles
This user doesn't think Giggles is a slut anymore.
Userbox Lumpy
This user thinks that Lumpy is smart, but too clumsy to be called a genius.
This is user wants Toothy to have a personality like everybody else.
S2E10 Sniffles
This user thinks that Sniffles has too many episodes.
S3E4 Nutty&#039;s death
This user thinks that Nutty is a good character.
Userbox Cro-Marmot
This user needed quite some time to figure out that Cro-Marmot is a main chracter.
S3E13 Lammy gets electrocuted
This user thinks that Lammy is a psychopath.
S3E17 The job is done
This user doesn't want Mr. Pickels to be animated object.
S2E23 Thumbs up
This user finds The Mole cute and hilarious at the same time.
S3E9 SF Russell
This user loves when Russell laughs.
S3E9 SF Petunia&#039;s death
This user thinks that Petunia is the cutest female character in this show.
Wipe 58
This user thinks that Flaky is cute and innocent.
S2E25 Disco Bear&#039;s Injury
This user used to hate Disco Bear, but he started to like Disco Bear more now.
This user thinks that Splendid is a supervillain pretending to be a superhero.
I used to have an opinion about The Cursed Idol back when I was a new user here.

I also like...

Everything is listed in order, thus the top being the best, and the bottom being not as good as the top, but there's not much difference.

Youtube shows

  • Happy Tree Friends (Watched since July 2016)
  • Llamas With Hats (I highly recommend you to watch it) (Watched since November 2014)
  • Randomwhille (Watched since March 2013)
  • Dnevnjak (Serbian) (watched since 2016)


  • Bryce Games (Watched since September 2015)
  • Dude Perfect (Watched since March 2018)
  • How to Basic (Watched since September 2016)
  • DanteAxeProduction (Watched since March 2013)
  • PewDiePie (Watched since May 2014)
  • TheRPGMinx (Watched since June 2015)
  • A Milion Card Tricks (Watched since June 2018)


  • Garry's Mod (Played since December 2015)
  • League Of Legends (Played since May 2013)
  • Assassins Creed Black Flag (Played since 2015)
  • Counter Strike (Played since God knows when)
  • Color Switch (Played since March 2016)
  • Town of Salem (Played since January 2018)

Tv shows

  • I'm in the Band (Watched since mid 2010)
  • 'Allo 'Allo! (Watched since late 2011)

IRL activities

  • Hanging out with Friends
  • Gettin' drunk
  • Playing Computer Games
  • Listening to Rock music
  • Sleeping

Episodes I love the most

My favourite season is season 1, but episodes from season 3 are a bit better in my opinion. Bolded episodes are the best episodes in my opinion.

Season 1

  1. House Warming
  2. Water You Wadding For
  3. Wheelin' and Dealin'
  4. Pitchin' Impossible
  5. Stayin' Alive
  6. Treasure Those Idol Moments
  7. Mime and Mime Again
  8. Spare Me
  9. Happy Trails Pt. 1

Season 2

  1. Get Whale Soon
  2. Out of Sight, Out of Mime
  3. The Way You Make Me Wheel
  4. Shard at Work
  5. Water Way to Go
  6. Let It Slide
  7. Blind Date
  8. From A to Zoo

Season 3

  1. Read 'em and Weep
  2. Can't Stop Coffin
  3. Peas in a Pod
  4. Something Fishy
  5. Swelter Skelter
  6. I Nub You
  7. A Bit of a Pickle
  8. See You Later, Elevator
  9. Royal Flush
  10. All In Vein
  11. No Time Like the Present
  12. By The Seat Of Your Pants

Season 4

  1. All Work and No Play
  2. Buns of Steal
  3. Pet Peeve
  4. Spare Tire
  5. Camp Pokeneyeout
  6. A Handy Nanny
  7. Just Be Claus

Tv Season

  1. From Hero to Eternity
  2. And the Kitchen Sink
  3. Don't Yank My Chain
  4. Concrete Solution
  5. Easy For You to Sleigh
  6. Who's to Flame?
  7. Every Litter Bit Hurts
  8. Dunce Upon a Time
  9. A Change of Heart
  10. Home Is Where the Hurt Is
  11. Wipe Out!
  12. Junk in the Trunk
  13. Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow
  14. Double Whammy
  15. Double Wammy part II

Cutest Characters

For reasons unknown, I have decided to make this list... This was so painful to make :D . Making this list was litterally impossible...

1. Mime: In my opinion he is the cutest character ever made, need to say more?

2. Handy: You just can't say no to his adorable face, except when you are screaming "nooooooo" after his deaths. 3. Cuddles: Bunnies are already cute and he is the cutest one! 4. Petunia: Cutest female character in this show, i love her bushy tail so much! 5. Lammy: Not much behind after Petunia, she is so cute, I'd love to see her get more screen time. 6. Giggles: She is so cute, altough in the past I haven't really considered her to be as cute as I do now. 7. Nutty: He is so cute when he does that energy jackhammer effect (when he is seen skipping).

8. Pop: I am probably the only person on Earth who thinks that Pop is the cutest Bear character in this show.

9. Flaky: She is so adorable, but I probably would not like to hug her.

10. Lifty: It's because he usually does his grin he isn't higher on my list, but my God, Lifty is Shifty without a fadora and he much cuter than him, I don't know why!

11. Russel: I have never found pirates to be cute, but I love his whiskars and tail!

12. Toothy: Beavers in this show are the cutest beavers ever drawn, but I don't like his freckels and his huge buckteeth.

13. Splendid: On rare occasions when he smiles and even when he is trying to save someone he is so cute!

14. The Mole: I don't care what people think, but Mole is adorable. But he is more funny and hilarious than cute.

15. Cub: He is cute, but not as much as people claim him to be.

16. Flippy: I really don't find bears adorable, but it's hard to think that Flippy is so cute and innocent after we find his alter ego murdering everybody, but he is infact cute and innocent.

17. Shifty: For reasons unknown his fadora prevents him from being as cute as Lifty is.

18. Lumpy: The creators of this show didn't intent him to be cute, but there are moments where he is the cutest character from a random group of Tree Friends from time to time. I love when his does that empty headed face.

19. Sniffles: He is cute only when his mouth isn't showing, otherwise I find him creepy. (adding pictures later)

20. Disco Bear: His looks can probably tell you that he is a character who wants to be more cool than cute, but even that isn't going well from him.

21. The Cursed Idol: Although his face is meant to be more scary than cute, I somehow find him cute, but he doesn't do more face expresions which is a bummer (but that's the way he is).

22. Fliqpy: He is isn't a character who is supposed to be cute and I don't find him cute in this form, but he makes it up by being funny sometimes.

23. Mr. Pickles: The only thing I find cute about him are his moustache and his top hat. 24. Cro-Marmot: I don't find cavemen cute.

History about me

  • Just like everyone else, I used to watch Happy Tree Friends back when I was child. I was 9 years old back then.
  • The HTF episodes I watched when I was nine years old were: Eyes Cold Lemonade, Out on a Limb, Shard at Work, This Is Your Knife, Blast from the Past, Letter Late than Never, and Operation: Tiger Bomb.
  • While I was on Holyday in Greece with my friends, I got a recommended video on YouTube called "Happy Tree Friends (Full Series) Body Count", where all the confirmed deaths from this show appeared one after the other so I watched that video together with my friend on July 27th 2016.
  • As soon as I came back from my Holyday I watched many HTF episodes put together and called "Happy Tree Friends Marathons" (Part two is the first one that I've watched).
  • I've discovered this wiki two weeks before I made my first edit (comment).
  • The reason why I chose username Zrenjaninac is because I discovered this wiki while I was surfing the net, I found this wiki while I was in Zrenjanin (a large city located in Serbia) where I have my own apartment located quite far away from my parents' house.
    • The "ac" in Zrenjaninac implies that I am a resident of Zrenjanin.
  • I've been this wiki's daily contributor since 9th December 2016, however this streak ended on 21st February 2017, when I was forced on two weeks in Zrenjanin without my phone and laptop.
  • My hiatus ended on 3rd March 2017, hopefully I'll find a way to daily contribute from then and on.
  • Even though I make quite a lot of edits on this wiki nowadays, I made only 1 edit in September 2016 and one edit in October 2016. I haven't started standartly editting until 5th November 2016.
  • Around November 5th I applied a deviant art for my avatar from made by Porygon2z.
  • On December 9th I have decided to change my avatars by seasons, so my first home made avatar was a Winter Handy and I have applied it on the same day.
  • On December 7th 2017 I have applied the same winter Handy avatar, thus closing the circle.
  • When I joined this wiki I found everything to be flawless except trivias and characters survival rates, but eventually I've taken care of that problem.
  • The first friend I've made on this wiki is Smart zombie.
  • I love to help people out.
  • The things I love to edit the most on this wiki involves pictures and/or goofs.
  • On the day 24th January 2017 I've been promoted to Content Moderator by KennyX1994. Big thanks to all the users who supported my promotion.
  • I am currently ranked as 6 on this wiki. The date of when I became one of the top contributors is unknown (probably in mid January 2017).
  • On the day 26th March 2017 I've been promoted to an admin on this wiki along with DinoLord00. Big thanks to all the users who supported my promotion.
  • On the day 31st March 2017 I've coloured my name blue.
  • On the day 9th April 2017 I've added a greeting message on my wall.
  • On the day 17th February 2017 I've officially made a 1000th edit on articles.
  • On the day 15th January 2017 I've made my 1000th edit on the wiki.
  • On the day 4th March 2017 I've made my 2000th edit on wiki.
  • On the day 11th September 2017 I've made my 5000th on the wiki.
  • On the day 24th May 2018 I've made my 6000th on the wiki, 7 months later after 5000.
  • On the day 2nd March 2018 I have finally earned my one year daily contributor badge.
  • I change my avatar every season, until December 9th 2016 I had a Devian Art of Handy as my avatar, until I made a winter version of it.
    • On the day 24th March 2017 I changed my avatar to a spring version of the original picture.
    • On the day 21st June 2017 I changed my avatar to a summer version of the original picture.
    • On the day 23rd September 2017 I changed my avatar to an autumn version of the original picture.
  • My favourite character is Handy. I have multiple favourite episodes and I have no least favourite episodes, they are all great.
  • The ironic story of how Handy became my favourite HTF character goes back to this old video. Since the deaths on that video go from episode one (Spin Fun Knowin' Ya) to 2014. last released episode (Dream Job), Handy hasn't appeared until he was shown slammed onto the ambulance cart in Wheelin' and Dealin', and that's when my friend said "Hmm, does this guy always have short arms?", I was like "Yeah probably" and that's when I realised that Handy is amputed. Handy's second onscreen death was in The Way You Make Me Wheel, and since there were about 104 deaths before that one I thought that Handy rarely dies... Yeah. Boy, I was wrong, but I kept that conclusion till the very end, thinking he survived a lot of episodes. In mid August I found Happy Tree Friends on wikipedia, and was confused when It said that Handy rarely survives episodes he appears in. By the time I found this wiki on 4th or 5th September, Handy has became the character I care about the most and I still do, so he kept being my #1 Happy Tree Friend ever since.
    • I am also a fan of grumpy fictional characters (characters like Squidward, ShiFu, Gargamel, Sylvester the Cat, Mr Wilson, Paul from Llamas with hats etc).
  • On the day 10th July 2018, I have decided to leave the fandom.
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