This is a list of episodes from the Happy Tree Friends spin-off series, "D_Void".

Catch My Drift

"Working in space is fun and rewarding! Well…maybe not fun…it’s hard work. Also, it’s not very rewarding…since they don’t pay you. In fact, working in space you’ll probably just end up dead."
―YouTube description
Release Date: October 25, 2014
D Void first appearance of two main characters

First appearance of two main characters

It starts off in the middle of space where Astronaut #3 is seen working hard on a space station. With him, he holds a torch. However when he uses it, the force pushes him away. When this happens twice, Astronaut #3 uses a grappling hook to secure himself. He tests to make sure he doesn't move, and it turns out to be a success. However, his hook grabbed onto an escape pod, where Astronaut #1 is seen inside, and it slides out. With the two astronauts now in the drift of space, Astronaut #3 tries to push them back with his torch, but becomes disappointed when he learns it has run out of fuel. With chances of getting pushed back no longer available, the escape pod gets caught in the gravitational field of the nearby planet. As the pod descends with an increasing speed and at an alarming rate, Astronaut #3 struggles to pull them back up. As they fall, Astronaut #3's helmet begins to crack, and his head starts bubbling from the heat. Because of this, his head explodes.

The pod then crashes on the planet, which is all floral-like. Astronaut #1 jumps out of the now destroyed escape pod, with no harm. Unfortunately, as he lets out a sigh of relief, Astronaut #3's torch suddenly comes down and impales his head. To add insult to injury, the torch spews out a flame (revealing it wasn't empty), and the force of the flame makes him fall down dead.

Don't Bug Me

"If you think mosquitoes are bad where you live, wait till you see the ones in space!"
―YouTube description
Release Date: March 7, 2015
First appearance of new main character

First appearance of new main character

Astronaut #1 and #2 are seen mining for crystals on a rock-like planet. As Astronaut #1 goes to check another area, a mosquito like insect lands on top of Astronaut #2's helmet, and repeatedly jabs its stinger on his helmet. Hearing the noise, as well as seeing it make a small crack on his helmet, he begins to panic. After the mosquito make a big enough hole, it opens its stinger, and deposits numerous eggs. As Astronaut #1 examines a crystal, Astronaut #2 begins running around in fear, hoping to get Astronaut #1's attention, but Astronaut #1 doesn't seem to notice because he's too busy examining the crystal. Moments later, five of the many deposited eggs hatch, and the hatched mosquitoes all stake their stingers into Astronaut #2's head, where they quickly suck out his blood, making his body deflate like a balloon. At that moment, the mosquito that deposited the eggs closes its stinger, and flies away.
First appearance of minor character mosquitoe

First appearance of minor character mosquitoe

Astronaut #1, unaware of what happened to Astronaut #2, tells him it's time for lunch. At that moment, the mosquitoes fake that Astronaut #2 is alive by wiggling one of the arms on the spacesuit as if he was waving hello. Astronaut #1, confused at what he just saw, walks away. The moment he leaves, all the mosquitoes that hatched lift Astronaut #2's space suit, and they carry it away.

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