Hello Everyone, this is my user page, know some things about me here, Welcome!

This User likes Buddhist Monkey and his cool Force
S3E9 SF Petunia's death.png
This User likes Petunia and her OCD obsession
Userbox Lumpy.jpg
This User likes Lumpy because he is stupidly funny
S3E9 SF Russell.png
This User thinks that Russell is a Good Character and Fisher
This User likes Toothy and his Crying Moments

Favourite HTF Episodes From TV Series:

  1. Wingin' It
  1. The Wrong Side of the Tracks
  1. From Hero to Eternity
  1. Sea What I Found

Favourite HTF Episodes From Internet Series:

  1. Spin Fun Knowin' Ya
  2. Stealing the Spotlight
  3. By The Seat Of Your Pants
  4. Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!
  5. Something Fishy
  6. Dream Job
  7. Camp Pokeneyeout
  8. All In Vein
  9. Swelter Skelter
  10. A Bit of a Pickle
  11. Icy You
  12. Just Be Claus
  13. Read 'em and Weep
  14. We're Scrooged!

Favourite HTF Shorts From HTF Breaks:

  1. Seize the Day
  2. Chore Loser
  3. Happy New Year
  4. Cheesy Does It

Favourite HTF Shorts From Kringles:

  1. Tree Kringle
  2. Kitchen Kringle
  3. Kringle Presents

Favourite HTF Additional Shorts:

  1. False Alarm episode
  2. Three Courses of Death
  3. Books of Fury
  4. Enter the Garden
  5. Cubtron Z
  6. Ski Patrol
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