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Hey everybody ultrablastic123 here! i'm a happy tree friends fan.

name: Utrablastic123
from: united states THE BEST COUNTRY EVAH!!!
age: 15
Likes: happy tree friends, nostalgia critic


spin fun knowin ya!: A great start to a great show and a great season! Although the animation was a little off but hey it's the first episode! 8/10

house warming: Not a bad debate for handy and petunia but i will say in my opinion that petunia did die. 7/10

helping helps: A great debate for splendid and it show perficly what splendid persinality is! 8/10

crazy antics: A nice debate for my favorite charactor and his fued whith the ants! 8/10

havin a ball: Great episode! and a good start whith cub and as for pop... 9/10

water you wading for: The first not so good episode. not a perfict debate for flaky but it just never seemed to have that kick to it. 5/10

nuttin wrong whith candy!: A great start to nutty! and it perficly shows nutty's addiction to candy! or in other words what i usally use as the only word that can describe nutty...SUGAR! 8/10

wheelin and dealin: A short rather dissipointing episode and i bet you the only reason it was made was for to show lifty and shiftys theif persinality but handy's death was pretty funny. 6/10

pichin impossible: A hilarius episode! and the best first apperal so far[the moles]. 9/10

stayin alive: A stylish debate to disco bear with some of the funniest humor so far. 9/10

tresure these idol moment's: Not the best episode but the debate to the legendery cursed idol. 6/10

chip of the old block: lol...problably the goriest episode for it's time. 8-9/10

nuttin but the tooth: A rather boring episode mainly do to the fact so many people say nutty didn't die. 7/10

hide and seek: A FR#%CKIN AWSOME EPISODE!!! and i'm preety sure you know why!...still don't know well it's flippy's first apperal off course! 9/10

who's line is it anyway?: A confusing episode if you ask me. but never the less russle's debate sooooo... 7/10

boo do you think you are?: Funny(no other words to describe it). 8/10

mime and mime again: Not the best animation in the sereies but the debate of mime. 7/10

your bakin me crazy: Uuuh...... just watch the episode. 6 or 7/10

toung twister trouble: Just another episode with my favorite charactor. 7 or 8/10

meat me for lunch: Not really mutch to describe in this episode, it's forgettiful but i still like it.7 or 8/10

sweet ride: Not bad, gives both charactors some personality so i like it. 7/10

it's a snap: One of my favorite episodes...ever and also on of the funniest. 8 or 9/10

off the hook:'s not bad, not the best but certainly not bad. 7/10

spare me: A little to short, but still hilarius! 8/10

snow what thats what!: I kinda liked it, well thats pretty mutch all i have to say about it. 7/10

this is your knife: Although i didn't like the ending that mutch, loved the whole episode. 8/10

happy trails 1 and 2: Great suppose finale! it combined everything from the entire season. although part one wasn't very good, part two made up for it. Overall 7/10

eye candy: The annecy award winning episode, and a true classic, including one of the most brillant, brutal deaths in the entire series. 9 or 10/10

rink hijinks: A well written episode and a gorey one to! 8 or 9/10

flippin burgers: Another awsome episode with flippy, also at this point the episodes just keep getting better and better. 9/10

get whale soon: Once again, it just get's better and better. 8 or 9/10

snip snip hooray!: Kinda hard to watch, as is every episode with cub in it. But funny and entertaning nevertheless! 8/10

eye's cold lemonade: In my opinion, one of the goriest internet episodes, it was also a very fun and popular episode! I also love the moral. 8/10

milkin it: Another extremely gorie episode and another good episode with lifty and shifty in it! 8 or 9/10

out of sight, out of mime: Once again, another extremely gorie episode and one of the hardest to watch of all the internet series, but once again, another good episode. 8/10

class act: Problably the most popular internet episode of all time. This episode has had some huge debate and in my opinion the hieght of the series and one of the greatest episodes! 10/10

the way you make me wheel: Another pretty brutal episode, but once again another great episode from this great season! 8 or 9/10

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