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I am a big fan of Happy Tree Friends, since it is part of my childhood. I also contribute to the Happy Tree Friends Wiki, adding facts I know and fixing grammar errors.

Favorite Character: Flaky

Despised Character: The Mole

Overrated Character: Giggles

Underrated Character: Lumpy

Favorite Internet Episode: Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!

Despised Internet Episode: Can't Stop Coffin

Favorite TV Episode: And the Kitchen Sink

Despised TV Episode: Don't Yank My Chain

Favorite Pairing: Flippy x Flaky

Despised Pairing: Flippy x Giggles

Favorite Smoochie: Flaky's Baseball

Despised Smoochie: Disco Bear's Halloween

Favorite Internet Death: Petunia's from Read 'em and Weep

Despised Internet Death: Cuddles' from Can't Stop Coffin

Favorite TV Death: Cuddles' from Party Animal and Handy's from Who's to Flame?

Despised TV Death: Sniffles' from Tongue in Cheek