Hi! My name is Boaz, aka TheGamerBuddy. (Yes, that's a terrible username. No, I'm not changing it.)

I got into Happy Tree Friends in late 2015 (when this wiki was at its peak). I first saw it on a reaction video by FineBros. Naturally, I wanted to check out more, and before I knew it I fell in love with the show. I still like it, but not as much as I did when I got into it.

Facts about me

  • Despite English not being my first language, I can speak and write it at almost a native level. (You can thank YouTube, video games and movie subtitles for that.) So if a page needs grammar fixes, more formal language, or other miscellaneous means of cleanup, you can count on me.
  • I actually love almost all of the characters of this show. They're just so CUTE!
  • I'm a house/techno DJ and producer. A lot of people like the music that I play. The music I make on my own is pretty crappy, though. You're better off not listening to it
  • I like memes.
  • I ship Cuddles x Giggles and Petunia x Handy. I also ship Cuddles x Toothy somewhat.
  • I can be found in all sorts of places on the internet.
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