helo person, it is i. shifty. klepto. jACK-

im a trans, gay boyo who is uh fuckin obsessed with htf rn so.... thas cool. is that cool? yea? y E H ?

ima revamp the shit outta this at some point so uh agdsfdgagsd

How I Got Into HTF

I don't 100% remember how I first got into this show. I guess I heard it was popular at the time I first saw it, so I decided to watch it. I don't remember what my first episode was. I remember Eyes Cold Lemonade, Eye Candy, and Party Animal, but I don't know which one I saw first. My intro to my favorite characters, Lifty and Shifty, was Dunce Upon a Time.

My favorite characters

I don't know where every character goes on this list so not everyone is included. I actually DON'T hate anyone from Happy Tree Friends! Every character is just SO DARN LOVABLE!! 

  • Shifty (He is literally everything I love in a character. He's adorable, he's a dumbass and a dickhead, and he's HILARIOUS! I will always love this adorable lil jerk. I simp so hard for this fucker it's unreal. Seriously, I'm- )
  • Lifty (While not as EBIC as Shifty, Lifty is still a pretty cool boyo. I love this lil shit, too xD)
  • Splendid (Another dumbass dickhead. I love those! Like most characters, he's adorable as fack, he's fuckin stupid, he's an asshole, he's funny, and he SUCKS at his job and I find it hilarious. xD He's a great character, and I feel like he doesn't die enough! xD)
  • Splendont (Tho not from the actual show, Splendont is up there with my favs. Idk, I really love the adorable lil flyin' squirrel... He a very ebic boyo indeed.)
  • Nutty (He's adorable and crazy! Something about him makes him cuter than the rest... Not sure what it is..)
  • Flippy/Fliqpy (I'm not sure what I like about Flippy... I just.... Like him. xD)
  • Handy (Lil grumpy guy. He's adorable!)
  • Russell (He only speaks in "Yarr!" xD)
  • Flaky (She's so darn ADORABLE! )
  • Sniffles (He's also one of those characters that are really cute but I don't know why xD)
  • Lumpy (What would Happy Tree Friends be without good ol' loveable Lumpy? xD)
  • Disco Bear (He's rly funny tbh xDDD)
  • Pop (I don't know why, but.. I like him more than I like Cub... xD)

My favorite episodes

Yeah, most of these are Lifty-Shifty episodes. What did you expect from a Lifty-Shifty FANATIC like me? xD

  • Sea What I Found (My favorite episode EVER!!! xDDD)
  • As You Wish (Lifty and Shifty were so cute when they were celebrating after getting all that money... Too bad it ended up killing the poor raccoons... ;-;)
  • Easy For You To Sleigh (Shifty's death was HILARIOUS! It's become a joke among me and my Discord friends- xD)
  • Gems The Breaks (I'm surprised there's only ONE Lifty-Shifty-Splendid episode...)
  • False Alarm (Lifty, Shifty and Nutty SERIOUSLY need to interact more in my opinion-)
  • Junk In The Trunk (Shifty's stupidity killed him in this one... I find that hilarious! xD Lifty's death was pretty funny, too. It made me laugh when I saw Lumpy using the pogo stick with Lifty's corpse still on it at the end. xDD)
  • Swelter Skelter (Nutty's death was pretty funny, lol. Tho, Shifty's death... Still not sure how that killed him. :P)
  • Buns Of Steal (The name of the episode is really funny, lol)
  • Don't Yank My Chain (Seriously, if the police officer they were dealing with was anyone else, Lifty and Shifty's disguises would NOT have worked! xD I wonder what the episode would be like if Lifty and Shifty got arrested...)
  • Milkin' It (Lifty's death made it kind of look like he ate the tree... xDDD Yummy tree...)


  • I get kind of mad when someone says "Shifty and Lifty" instead of "Lifty and Shifty" for some reason. xD 
  • I have a DeviantArt account where I post HTF stuff so HERE YOU GO. Tho now I'm more active on my Tumblr, so here's that as well.
  • I feel like I exaggerate the fact Shifty's dumber than Lifty a bit... I just... I really like it for some reason! xD
  • I say h a LOT. I also say xD a lot, lol. Speaking of lol, I say that quite a bit, too. xD

Userboxes cuz idk where to put them (I'll add more later I'M LAZY SHUSHSHSHHSHS)

STV1E3.3 Oh no.png
This user's favorite character is Shifty because he's a dumbass dickhead. They see him as the younger one of the raccoon duo.
This user thinks Splendid is literally the worst superhero EVER, but still loves him. They also think he should die more.
S3E4 Nutty's death.png
This user would straight up die for Nutty because he is literally the cutest, most precious BABEY bOyE eVER AND THEY LOVE HIM.
S1E20 Tired.png
This user loves Lifty and thinks he's a fuckin' genius compared to his brother. They also see him as the older twin.
Userbox Lumpy.jpg
This user thinks HTF wouldn't be the same without Lumpy and doesn't get why so many people seem to dislike him.
STV1E13.2 Flippy Shrug.png
This user agrees that Flippy is overrated but still loves him anyway bECAUSE YES-
S2E25 Disco Bear's Injury.png
This user thinks Disco Bear is frickin epic and also doesn't understand why people hate him so much. They also HATE how people accuse him of being a pedophile.
Splendont (Mirror Mirror).png
This user loves Splendont and really wishes Ka-Pow continued so we could see more of him.

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