Hello there. I am mostly an editor for Happy Tree Friend wiki, and wiki's related to the series. Please do not message my board unless it is something Happy Tree Friend related or wiki related to the Happy Tree Friend wiki. I will not respond to any other thing.


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My User Stats

Edits of Sandgar-fduser on Happy Tree Friends Wiki
Total: 11,303
Article: 3,750
Talk: 424
Board Thread: 989
User: 278
User talk: 0
Thread: 1,946
Project: 156
File: 2,224
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My Favorite Characters

STV1E2.1 Flaky & Nutty
This user ships Flaky X Nutty because they are so cute!
Cuddles and Flaky
This user ships Flaky X Cuddles because they would make a good couple.
Wipe 58
This user likes Flaky for being a tomboy and very shy.
S3E4 Nutty's death
This user likes Nutty for his craziness.
Userbox Cro-Marmot
This user thinks Cro-Marmot is one of the most useless characters, but he still loves him.
Userbox Lumpy
This user thinks Lumpy is one of the stupidest characters ever.
S4E7 Spare Tire Pop
This user thinks Pop is the worst parent ever.
SkiYa58 Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya is this user's favorite episode.
  1. Nutty
  2. Flaky
  3. Toothy
  4. Cuddles
  5. Cro-Marmot
  6. Handy
  7. Cub
  8. Pop
  9. Mime
  10. Flippy

My Favorite Episode

  1. Chew Said a Mouthful
  2. Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya
  3. Wingin' It
  4. Icy You
  5. Don't Yank My Chain
  6. Kringle Feast
  7. Spare Tire
  8. Dream Job

Some of my art works

Other things I like

Insane Clown Posse

Dick Figures

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy





Making stories and poems

Steven Universe

Gravity Falls


Shooting The Bull (Show)

Being a friend to everyone



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