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  • I live in America
  • My occupation is Helping GoAnimate V3 wiki
  • I am A Mii Invasion Victim
  • Hello Guys! Welcome To My Profile! I Will Talk! First My HTFness Started At "Hear Today, Gone Tommorow" Look At My Blogs To See More.
  • I Got These Usertags On 5/12/2015! The Reason I Have The Lumpy Tag Is Because I Am Stupid! The Reason I Have The Flaky Tag Is Because I Am Scared Of A Lot.
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  • On 5/24/15 I Decided I Am Never Gonna Do Edits Sadly. I Got A Warning By Yong Feng And I Am Not Gonna Make One Edit.
  • On 6/11/2015 I Don't Really Trust Admins, Or Buraecrats Because Wikia In My Opinion Is Unsafe, Reason 2, Underagers, Underagers are really unsafe. I am not underaged,
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Favorite Season 1 Internet Episodes

  1. Spin Fun Knowin' Ya!
  2. Water You Wading For
  3. Sweet Ride
  4. Happy Trails Part 1

Season 2

  1. Happy Trails Part 2
  2. Eye Candy
  3. Class Act

Favorite TV Episodes (In Order)

  1. The Wrong Side Of The Tracks (One Foot In The Grade)
  2. Party Animal (Lesser Of Two Evils)
  3. Ipso Fatso (Lesser Of Two Evils)
  4. Don't Yank My Chain (Lesser Of Two Evils)
  5. Doggone It (The Third Degree)
  6. Concrete Solution (The Third Degree)
  7. Wishy Washy (Four On Four)
  8. Who's To Flame (Four On Four)
  9. Every Litter Bit Hurts (Marooned Five)
  10. Take A Hike (Marooned Five)
  11. Gems The Breaks (Deep Six)
  12. Mime To Five (Seventh Heaven)
  13. Blast From The Past (Behind The Eight Ball)
  14. Chew Said A Mouthful (Behind The Eight Ball)
  15. See What Develops (Behind The Eight Ball)
  16. Idol Curiosity (Nine Lives)
  17. Home Is Where The Hurt Is (Nine Lives)
  18. Wipe Out (Ten Speed)
  19. Wingin' It (Eleventh Hour)
  20. Easy Comb, Easy Go, (Eleventh Hour)
  21. I've Got You Under My Skin (Twelfth Night)
  22. In A Jam (Twelfth Night)
  23. Double Whammy Part 1 (Friday The 13th)
  24. Double Whammy Part 2 (Friday The 13th)
  25. Autopsy Turvy Part 1 (Double Whammy Part 3) (Friday The 13th)
  26. Autopsy Turvy Part 2 (Double Whammy Part 4) (Friday The 13th)

Favorite Shorts

  1. Chore Loser
  2. Happy New Year
  3. Take Your Seat
  4. Butter Me Up
  5. Cheesy Does It
  6. Tunnel Vision
  7. Claw

Favorite Love Bites

  1. Cold Hearted
  2. On My Mind
  3. My Better Half

Favorite Kringles

  1. Reindeer Kringle
  2. Kringle Feast
  3. Kringle Karols
  4. Train Kringle
  5. Strain Kringle
  6. Sight Kringle
  7. Star Kringle

Favorite Smoochies

  1. Cuddles' Pet Smoochie
  2. Toothy's Easter Smoochie
  3. Nutty's Party Smoochie
  4. Sniffles' Science Smoochie
  5. Flaky's Baseball Smoochie
  6. Disco Bear's Halloween Smoochie
  7. Cub's Christmas Smoochie

Other Stuff

My Roblox Account Is CayneMauldin!I Sound A Lot Like Cuddles And Toothy
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