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WARNING! This user needs HTF like Nutty needs sugar, I caught her staring at a bag of cement laughing for about two hours. She needs more episodes stat before she goes into full withdrawal!

I am Leader of a group known as Tiny But Mighty which is mainly based on but it's a group of people that honestly believe that Lumpy is one of the smartest Tree Friends and Sniffles is the stupidest. The name is joking on the physical size of Lumpy's brain in some episodes. If, by chance, anyone reading this happens to share these beliefs and is interested, please leave a message on my wall saying so.

I have my own character page here.

My favorite pages

My Favorite Characters

Wipe 58.jpg
This user thinks Flaky is the most unique tree friend.
This user thinks all superheros should be like Splendid.
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This user feels sorry for Handy's no handedness.
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This user thinks Shifty is the worst brother ever.
This user thinks Buddhist Monkey is just a Buddhist Flippy.
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This user says Mr. Pickels is not a main character.

  1. Flaky: Code Name: The Hipster. Probably the one the confused the most people seeing just the code name. So, how is Flaky a hipster? Because blissful ignorance is too mainstream! I'm serious, every other main character is habitually full of blissful ignorance until the last possible second but Flaky's the exact opposite, only being blissfully ignorant... once I'd say but she was completely out of character in many ways in that episode. Anyways, because of this, Flaky's constant paranoia definitely sets her apart from the crowd and makes her a much more interesting character. I also think this makes her feel much more real. Other characters, I may respond to the brutality and gore but she and Handy are the ONLY characters I actually ever really feel sorry for. Flaky isn't just a cartoon character, she's my friend. Also, I think she's the only character that personality is entirely unique from the others and her character can also be rather unpredictable.
  2. Splendid: Code Name: Badass Failure. Oxymoronic I know but it's so true in the case of Splendid. Everyone in the show regularly makes huge mistakes but even if they had all the same powers, no one could fuck up as spectacularly as Splendid does. Yet, everyone in the show but Pop and The Mole (and possibly Flippy, we don't know) still idolizes him as a superhero and that really says a lot about the whole show. Plus, as I mentioned in a blog, he and the superheroes in The Incredibles are the only superheroes I see truly fuck up.
  3. Handy: Code Name: Pathos Enforcer. He just tries so hard. He just tries so incredibly hard for everything. Even though he lost his hands, he was so super determined to never lose his independence. He's also always super cute personality wise, especially when he does his scowl. I'll just go ahead and admit it now, I feel sorry for him. Especially in Home Is Where the Hurt Is, so many doors! It's seriously amazing how much I feel sorry for him for all those doors, more than I do in Shard at Work and Don't Yank My Chain put together.
  4. Lammy: Code Name: Mystery Mistress. Despite having first heard of the show in early 2015, Lammy (and by extension, Mr. Pickels) was still the last main character I met, and the only one I met through the wiki instead of just watching the actual show though I had seen All In Vein, I didn't really think too hard on her besides briefly wondering why there was a pickle. However, once I read through her page and watched A Bit of a Pickle and Royal Flush I found that her whole character was just so complex and full of unknowns compared to all the other characters and half of the fun of HTF and... any show really. Also, everything we do know about her character is amazing and so amazing and unlike any of the others despite so many extreme personalities already being used and delved into. She did in seven three-minute episodes what Toothy couldn't do in twenty-three seven-minute episodes, forty-one three-minute episodes, and six one-minute episodes. Need I see more?
  5. Lifty: Code Name: The Offending Victim. Another oxymoron! Seriously though, he is one of the main villains of the show, despite almost never killing anyone, I could never deny that he is an enemy. However, when it comes down to it, you really can't blame him all that much, not like his brother. He comes up with some of the ideas, the better ones, but really he just gets dragged along into whatever heist Shifty feels like committing, kind of like when Cuddles drags Flaky into his dangerous stunts, that's actually why I love pairing them together. He's an extremely rare and difficult type of character that makes you feel bad for him while at the same time, making you feel sorry for other character because of what he's done to them. Plus he's really smart. Like ridiculously smart. If only that wasn't overshadowed by his brother's idiocy. So... speaking of intelligence...
  6. Lumpy: Code Name: The Genius Idiot. What oxymoron? I don't see an oxymoron here. I don't know what you're talking about. Just a blue moose that my mom said that if she saw it, she'd shot it in the head so that it doesn't come back (clearly she doesn't understand the concept...). People don't seem to understand that I didn't watch my first episode with Lumpy in it and go "Wow! That guy's a genius!", I watched it and went "Wow! That guy's an idiot!" just like most fans (shh... don't tell Anonymous). What's interesting is that though my opinion on his intelligence has obviously changed, my opinion on him has not changed very much at all... in fact, he's the only character on this whole list that stays about the same, the number obviously changed but that's because all the other characters are moving around him. Regardless of whether he's a genius or an idiot, he's funny as hell. And he's always been cruel in my eyes, ever since I first watched The Way You Make Me Wheel, which was the very second episode, he's been very cruel but in a hilarious way unlike a lot of the other cruel characters that I just can't forgive.
  7. Petunia: Code Name: True Story. I know everyone says that her OCD is over exaggerated and came out of no where but if you ask me, neither of those are true. I mean, for it coming out of no where, she always had her signature air freshener and her info card from 2001 did say that she takes five showers a day but everyone seems to forget that. As for over exaggeration, as someone with OCD and mysophobia myself, I can say that Happy Tree Friends is the first piece of fiction I've accurately portray severe OCD to it's full severity and that is why she is my seventh favorite character. It kept OCD serious while still making it a joke because, well, it's a cartoon. I'm no sure how they managed this but they did and even in the episodes where she doesn't have her OCD, though the one's where she does are better, I don't think she's as generic as everyone claims.
  8. Cuddles: Code Name: The Feral Sheep.
  9. Mime: Code Name: One-Hit Wonder.
  10. Nutty: Code Name: Truly Mad.
  11. Cro-Marmot: Code Name: Cold Heart
  12. Sniffles: Code Name: The Idiot Genius (Don't get them mixed up).
  13. Cub: Code Name: The "Innocent".
  14. Russell: Code Name: The Black Sheep.
  15. Toothy: Code Name: The GTF Who Earned a Name.
  16. Pop: Code Name: True Failure.
  17. Flippy: Code Name: Fanon Victim.
  18. The Mole: Code Name: The Masked Man.
  19. Giggles: Code Name: The Bubblegum Princess.
  20. Disco Bear: Code Name: The Failed Player.
  21. Shifty: Code Name: Unforgivable.
  22. Buddhist Monkey: Code Name: The Imposter.

Note: I never considered Mr. Pickels a main character but I always did Buddhist Monkey so that's why BM's on the list and not Mr. P.

My Favorite and Least Favorite Pairings


S3E4 Marrage.png
This user ships Chocolate Box X Nutty, hopes he finds his true love again, and refuses to ship him with anyone else.
This user ships Giggles X Disco Bear and does't care what others say about it.
  1. FlippyXLammy: I know they’ve never even met each other in canon, but their personalities go together so beautifully, regardless of if you think Lammy is schizophrenic or not. Both are indirectly turned into a murderer by someone that believes their only trying to protect them. They understand each other, both of their own hands stained with the blood of their own friends for reasons vastly different from some freak accident. I also refer to this as “the pairing that could never happen” because even though they’re both characters who rarely die, if they were to go on a date together, there’s no way they would both make it out alive. Either Fliqpy would kill Lammy or Mr. Pickels would kill Flippy and I just find that the funniest thing to think about.
  2. FlakyXLifty: “Are you insane?! Earth to Flaky! Earth to Flaky! Are you out of your mind?! What were you thinking letting that thing into your house?! Do you WANT to come home one day and find it EMPTY?!” Each of the few stories I’ve seen that focus in this pairing include some kind of line like this but if you can pair her with a part-time psycho-murderer, why not a thief? Seriously, why not? The way I see it: forced into something they don't want to do in a feeling of obligation and either directly killed by or let die without a care in the world by a person they'd give the world for and taunted for simply who they are/have to be. Kindred spirits really just for Lifty it's Shifty, for Flaky it's Cuddles. Plus, I just can’t ignore the fact that Flaky is one of only three characters that Lifty and Shifty have never stolen from and the other two make sense that they haven’t Lammy they haven’t had a chance to meet and Splendid’s Splendid.
  3. GigglesXDisco Bear: Unsurprisingly, I get a lot of grief about liking this pairing since she hates him but looking at Stayin' Alive, I just gave here, she does seem to genuinely enjoy dancing with him really, the only thing that ruined her opinion of him seems to be that he threw her into that teapot which is completely unfair. I mean, it's Happy Tree Friends and it's not like he did it on purpose. Plus, it's hard to explain but something about their personalities just seem to go well together, in my opinion at least. Recently I've gotten more confusion on this not on the pairing itself or that Giggles 'hates' him but that Giggles and Disco Bear are both VERY low on my list of favorite characters. To truly understand my love of this pairing, you have to go back many years before I was born when my parents were in college, that was my parents... my mom was Giggles, my dad was Disco Bear. So, I guess it's not that weird that I want to see them get together.
  4. Flippy/FliqpyXSplendid: This one even I find kind of interesting why I like it so much. When I first got into the pairing, Flippy and Splendid were both at the very top of my list, Flippy was number one, Splendid was number two. However, no matter how far Flippy drops down my list, the pairing stays very interesting to me. The only real reason I can think of for why I like the pairing is because of one fanfiction I’ve read called “The Eternal Jewel” and just kind of with the way the pairing was written.
  5. FlakyXSniffles: Most of you guys reading this likely already know that on my own list, Flaky is the smartest character and Sniffles is the stupidest. However, amongst the other characters, Sniffles is well renowned for his intelligence and inventing abilities whereas Flaky, while not seen as stupid, is seen as just some scared little girl. This pairing is similar in a way to “the pairing that can never happen” but more so in that I don’t really see it as the perfect match but instead, the perfect clash. I like to think about the disaster that would go down if these two were to become a couple, especially since Flaky’s too nice to say anything bad on it.
  6. HandyXPetunia: The only “regular” pairing I’d say I enjoy, all of their interactions both canon and fanon, regardless of if they’re romantically based, are very interesting. It’s not a perfect pairing at all but they blend so well. A point that had been shown to me though is that quite often, Handy uses his mouth as a replacement for what someone else would use their hands, then you have mysophobic Petunia and the idea that she might kiss him. It’s gross to think about so that’s why it’s not higher on the list.

Least Favorite

STV1E2.1 Flippy and Flaky.png
This user hates Flaky X Flippy because she is afraid of him and is tired of seeing it everywhere.
S3E12 I Nub You Walking together.png
This use hates Giggles X Cuddles and knows it is not canon.
  1. FlippyXFlaky: For the love of… SHUT UP ABOUT THIS PAIRING! Maybe I wouldn’t feel so strongly about this pairing if it wasn’t EVERYWHERE but I would still hate it. There’s actually this quote I saw from a fanfic that contained FlippyXFlaky that very well explains my beliefs on this: “Besides, you’re dating FLIPPY and from what I’ve heard about that bear, you’re either very brave or very stupid.” It is of course well known that Flaky is neither of these, it’s practically her whole character actually. We even very clearly see in Without a Hitch that Flaky is terrified of Flippy and rightfully so. Why would someone as paranoid as Flaky want to date someone that if almost ANYTHING happens, she can just call herself as good as dead? In fact, unlike FlakyXLifty, most FlippyXFlaky stories barely even (if at all) acknowledge that fact and that’s just absolutely sickening.
  2. LiftyXShifty: Okay, ew, ew, no twincest. It’s wrong and gross and 95% of the time about Shifty raping Lifty which you can barely call a pairing. I don’t think this one needs much more of an explanation.
  3. FlakyXCuddles: Heck, I even hate this pairing as a friendship. Cuddles is constant forcing (sometimes even literally dragging) her to do dangerous things against her will and in many fan pieces (since canon doesn’t have enough intelligible words) will repeatedly call her a chicken, coward, or other similar term until she finally gives in and that is so wrong on so many levels. I’ve even seen Cuddles use Flaky’s name as an insult to other characters. In fact, if in real life I knew a couple like FlakyXCuddles, I would call the cops because that’s abuse.
  4. CuddlesXGiggles: Well, first off, I cannot see past his room in YouTube 101: Subscriptions, Giggles was practically his wall paper. Everyone says Disco Bear’s a creep but he has never really did anything to truly earn that title but Cuddles in the aforementioned episode, Cuddles couldn’t have been a bigger creep if he tried. Also, the whole set up of their personalities is SUPER cliché, the super girly damsel in distress type girl and the daredevil skater boy. I was tired of this pairing before I even heard of Happy Tree Friends because there is NOTHING original about it.
  5. FlippyXFliqpy: What? What were these people thinking exactly? Forget pairing characters with their siblings, let’s pair them with themselves! On top of that, exact opposite version of themselves and unless they somehow separate them, it’s just masturbation. The reason this is not worse though is because I have seen one person pull in off single-sidedly very well though overall, it’s still a terrible pairing.

Favorite Death


Petunia in Wishy Washy: This death gets a lot of unfair hatred but it will always be number one to me. The main reason is that, to a lot of people, OCD and mysophobia (fear of germs and disgusting things) are a joke. Non-HTF fans say that they're not real mental disorders, at least not serious ones, all the time but an HTF fan would never say such a thing. This death in particular shows loud and clear how much the addiction to being clean can seriously mess with your head, especially with that mad grin at the end. Also, I love the irony that she actually made a bigger mess by doing that.

Least Favorite Death


Sniffles in Tongue in Cheek: Probably no surprise here but even when you take out of account everything else in the torture session, what can I say, I hate crying. Especially from non-criers and throughout the torture session and all his other episodes, he had certainly proved himself a non-crier until he was actually tying his tongue to the oar to create the helicopter effect. I know Sniffles was terrible in this episode too but even if that was ALL they did, it would have still been way too much.

Favorite Injury

Hike 7.jpg

Cuddles' eye injury in Take a Hike: If someone asked me to describe HTF in one picture, this would be it. The pure terror and agony as the poison literally boils his eyeballs. Blood running down his face like tear drops while Lumpy tries to figure out to save him, Toothy, or Sniffles in the ultimate triage. Not only that but the whole set up for how he got injured. In this case, curiosity didn't kill the cat but he wishes it did. Cuddles just wanted to see Lumpy get the poison out of Toothy but stood at just the right spot for the venom to be spit into his eyes. I guess that's one way to forbid someone from seeing what you're doing.

Least Favorite Injury

176px-1227428876 8194 full.jpg

Flaky's third foot injury in Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya: You were probably expecting something from a Sniffles vs. The Ants torture session or a prime example of Pop's terrible parenting but nothing was worse than the sheer psychological torture of being forced to choose between self-harm and snow burial in only a few seconds. And remember what I said about my least favorite death? I hate crying. And this time it wasn't "Oh god, that hurts!" it was "Oh god, this is going to hurt! Please don't make me do this!" which, in my eyes, is even worse. Flaky had every reason to start crying. What did she ever do to deserve that?

A Few Prime Examples of Sniffles' Stupidity

A Few Prime Examples of Lumpy's Intelligence

Note, this gallery will be harder than Sniffles' above simply because it's harder to get pictures of intelligence in general than stupidity.

My Opinion Of Characters' Intelligence (or Lack Of) in Order

Userbox Lumpy.jpg
This user thinks Lumpy is a tank disguised as a genius disguised as an idiot.
S2E10 Sniffles.png
This user thinks you shouldn't call Sniffles an idiot because it's an insult to idiots.
S3E13 Lammy gets electrocuted.PNG
This user thinks Lammy needs to stop carrying Mr. Pickels everywhere with her.


  • Mr. Pickels
  • Lumpy
  • Fliqpy
  • Lifty
  • Handy
  • Petunia
  • Giggles
  • Cuddles
  • Flaky
  • Russell
  • Cub
  • Good Flippy
  • Toothy
  • Mole
  • Disco Bear
  • Lammy
  • Cro-Marmot (based on Dino-Sore Days being the only one you can go off)
  • Mime
  • Pop
  • Shifty
  • Splendid
  • Nutty
  • Sniffles


The Episode I Sympathize With Each Character Most

Buddhist Monkey: Enter the Garden I consider him a main character so he belongs on this list. And, it being alphabetical, he belongs at the top. I can't really say I felt sorry for him but with the ending with fixing the flower was the closest he's gotten. Though, three episodes don't really give me much to work with.

Cro-Marmot: Swelter Skelter Yeah, he's just standing there, giving people much needed ice cream in a heat wave, minding his own business when Lifty and Shifty kidnap him and use him as air conditioning. At least he certainly got his revenge for this on his own but seriously, not cool Lifty and Shifty, pun intended.

Cub: And the Kitchen Sink This one was probably fairly predictable but besides the sheer amount of physical pain, he was stuck inside a kitchen sink with no way out. Then of course as the worst part, when Pop was trying and failing to pull him out with just his hands, Cub just goes limp lightly sobbing. I'm so glad when can't see his face at that point because you can just tell by the sound of his cries that this is a child who has flat out given up hope.

Cuddles: In a Jam It's not even for his death. It's really not. It's for the whole fiasco with the blood truck. He's clearly afraid of medical needles and so The Mole shanks him all up and down his arm until he's crying rivers, digs the needle around, breaks the needle, pushes it out with another needle, then when he finally donates the blood he's given a BUTTON instead of a coin. Goes and complains to The Mole. And the process repeats itself.

Disco Bear: Put Your Back Into It It's impossible not to sympathize with him in this episode. I mean, he did nothing wrong and this is seriously the second longest I've seen a single character truely suffer (behind Lumpy in Out On a Limb) yet whenever in public (at least around Giggles and Petunia), he still managed to keep his cool and funky (well, trying to be cool and funky) persona. Plus, though people insist he should have gone to the doctor, I'd rather do what he did than let Lumpy, Sniffles, or the Mole operate on me...

Flaky: Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya Oh my god. Just the pure psychological torture this whole episode is to the poor girl. Did you know it's the only episode where a single character suffered throughout the entire episode? Especially her third foot injury where she was forced to choose between self harm and snow burial. Plus, regardless of if you want him or not, nothing's a confidence builder like not only being completely ignored but physically shoved out of the way by the town flirt. I'm not going to lie. This is a hard episode for me to watch.

Flippy: Easy For You to Sleigh Okay, I don't know how he managed to sleep through all of that but really, could you imagine waking up in the middle of the night to find that everything in your house is gone and you're tied up on a cinderblock. Now, add to that the fact that you have PTSD and being tied up that way reminds you of when you were captured in the war. It's a good thing Fliqpy was there to save him. Though that's a really weird way of putting it.

Fliqpy: Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow Well, first of all, let's point out something pretty important in this episode. This is the only episode he appears in and doesn't kill anyone. His counterpart did but not him. Instead, you set up this kind of Tom and Jerry type situation with him and Lumpy. Especially when he got hit and knocked off the roof by his own death trap. It's humiliating. Then of course you have that moment in the helicopter where Lumpy on a bike turned into Flippy on a unicorn and he immediately slowed down and even cried BEFORE flipping back.

Giggles: Helping Helps First of all, let's focus on before Splendid showed up. She could not have been more vulnerable in this situation. She was on crutches with a cast on her leg, slowly hobbling around, when the dam broke sending this enormous flood her way and she tries to get away but quickly gives up, facing her fate with tears in her eyes. In addition to this, after her death we get to learn about her family life and I'm sorry but are all parents in this world like this? If you can't tell the difference between an acorn and your daughter's head, you belong on the same level as Pop.

Handy: Home Is Where the Hurt Is So many doors! Just, so many doors. I couldn't even begin to imagine how hard it must have been to open all these doors with no hands but in true Handy fashion, he keeps at it with unwavering determination even though as far as he know, they could have literally gone on forever. Though, I'll admit, when I first watched this, when he got to the last door, I thought he was giving up but never, not Handy. Then, his hard work pays off! He found the exist of the death house and got out it! Witnesses the greatest and weirdest architectural feat in history… and dies because, Happy Tree Friends. I hate these kind of deaths! The one's that trick the victim into thinking they succeeded and their safe, only to kill them anyway (Other examples are: Flaky in Wipe Out, Russell in Snow Place to Go, and Flippy in Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II)). Why must you taunt them so?!

Lammy: Royal Flush Fine, I'll bite. If anything, in this one episode, though she was still a terrible best friend, she was a halfway decent acquaintance for once having made an actual effort to try to protect Petunia, Giggles, and Flaky having tried to exclude Mr. Pickels from the poker game entirely and even let Flaky join her game even though she wasn't even invited. Still, despite her efforts, the girls were still killed and Flaky wasn't even her fault (besides failing to notice Mr. Pickels was in her sandwich and thinking virtually nothing of those god awful screams), though, Petunia was her fault alone. Yeah… this girl is moving lower on my list for characters I sympathize with, I don't know what she was doing where she was. She's still one of my favorite though.

Lifty: Milkin' It This guy's effing brother I swear. Did you see his face? When Shifty was trying to decide who to throw out of the hot air ballon? He knew what was going to happen and he's just looking at him like, "Please, Shifty. Please do this," and he did. That was just flat out depressing. Though, haven't either of them heard of yanking the rope to gain height? Apparently not, or I just have no idea what I'm talking about...

Lumpy: Out on a Limb I am amazed that Mondo managed to take the story of Aron Ralston and make it even worse than it already was… well… maybe. Mostly when Lumpy had to get through the bone. Now, could Lumpy have gotten past the bone the same way Aron did? No. I really say there's no way. This is also the longest any character has truly suffered. As for my rule against sympathizing with idiocy, you can say what you want about him cutting off the wrong leg but I still say it was a perfectly reasonable mistake.

Mime: Mime to Five Mime did quite possibly some of the coolest tricks I've ever seen and was still given the worst job in the entire circus and wasn't even paid for it! Then when he finally got the money on his own volition, he couldn't even get the unicycle he wanted because Cro-Marmot took it instead! Also, going back before the circus. He was fired from the window washing job for no reason! I mean, he cleaned that glass so well Disco Bear couldn't even see it! He should have gotten a promotion. Not fired.

The Mole: Blind Date Okay, I'll agree with Adam that Mole was really nice in this episode and how was he rewarded? By Lumpy just completely taking advantage of his blindness, tricking him into believing he was Giggles, and using him for chocolate. Also, I'm pretty sure that if Lumpy hadn't died, he was going to up and leave as soon as the chocolate was all gone and then where was that going to leave Mole?

Mr. Pickels: A Bit of a Pickle Screw what everyone else thinks, I find it hard not to feel sorry for him for the way Lammy treats him (even though he's not a main character). Especially in this episode. He's just trying to protect Lammy and keep his best friend. He gives everything for this girl and for what? Whenever they make a kill that she's just as responsible for if not more and gets caught. She immediately throws him under the bus! Not even wasting a second to go "It wasn't me! It was Mr. Pickels!" Then as the real clencher, despite this, at the end, he moves the moon and earth to get to her in her jail cell, just to be their to comfort her, only to find that SHE REPLACED HIM! Just like that!

Nutty: A Sucker for Love You have to admit that this episode was adorable, first of all. I know it's only candy but to him, it's love (I mean, he fantasized marrying it so it must be love) and he was denied all three of the loves. This episode made me feel something for candy, that's pretty darn special. And then his death itself was just so bad, even for HTF standards.

Petunia: Wingin' It As someone with OCD and mysophobia myself. I would be Petunia in Wishy Washy a million times before I be Petunia in Wingin' It. First of all, vomit is the most disgusting thing in existance. Period. Second, in Wishy Washy, she had actual options, in Wingin' It, she was just trying to use the restroom and she found herself completely trapped in the vomit covered airport restroom without any actual supplies to clean the vomit with. Then once she actual managed to get the restroom clean, she was almost eaten by the toilet and was eaten by the sink.

Pop: Havin' A Ball I completely forgot him in my first list. Why do I always forget him when I alphabetize them. Anyways, this is really the only episode we true see him be a good father. He cross a crazy busy street just to retrieve his son's ball receiving major injures from doing so… then walked off a cliff into the rotors of a helicopter making him the only Character Who Rarely Dies to die in their debut.

Russell: Get Whale Soon Hysteria sucks. A lot. And that attack was very clearly hysteria before that, let's take a look at why he had a hysteria attack, because he was stuck in a whale. He was just sailing along, minding his own business, when a whale just comes out of no where and eat him and he and Lumpy cannot get out no matter what they try and then he accidentally killed his only friend at the time. Finally, after (well, during) his hysteria attack, he finally escapes the whale only to have his only eye impaled on his ship and guess what? Get eaten by the whale again.

Shifty: ...... I got nothing..... I've really never felt sorry or even came close to feeling sorry for this guy.

Sniffles: From Hero to Eternity I'm going to put this bluntly, alright, and this is a rule I have even in the real world: I don't feel sorry for stupidity. If they were stupid enough to do it in the first place, they deserve whatever the consequences may be. Now, of the five of his deaths that cannot be blamed on his stupidity, this was the most painful. Simple really.

Splendid: Better Off Bread This episode more than anything shows how much it sucks to be Splendid. He doesn't want to be a superhero, but he somehow got stuck with it. Take the super-heroics out for a second and just picture it this way: he's just having a grand old time baking his bread and suddenly he gets called into work and he doesn't even have enough time to take it out, he has to leave right that very second so that when his job is finally done, his bread is burnt to a crisp. If Adam's right and Splendid kills everyone intentionally, I really can't blame him.

Toothy: From A to Zoo I'm sorry but his so called best friend was a total dick to him in this episode. I mean, he had helped Cuddles terrorize the animals and what did he get for it? He was used as a step stool! When there was a perfectly good crate he could have stood on right there! Then once Lumpy caught them, Cuddles just runs off leaving Toothy to take all the blame.

Best and Worst Parents


Cro-Marmot: Um… just… wow… okay? He’s frozen, smug, cryokenetic, he’s the only one I’ve seen never do anything good and there’s just no way this could end well.

Pop: It’s literally his whole character. Plus, besides the obvious, he clearly has NO idea what Cub looks like besides that he wears a beanie. If that’s not a sign of bad parenting, I don’t know what is.

Sniffles: Can we say lab rat anyone? I could only imagine what insane, hair-brained inventions this kid would be exposed to, not to mention general Sniffles level idiocy. The poor kid has no chance.

Shifty: We already know this guy has zero regards for family values looking at how he treats Lifty, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Shifty was dragging this child on heists before he/she could even walk. He’d also spend most of the child’s life either behind bars or on the run.

Flippy/Fliqpy: Yes, Good Flippy is very nice but babies scream, they throw stuff, they break things, he’d flip out more often than not. And even though he won't kill a baby, this will leave him alone at the least.

Splendid: What can I say? He doesn’t know his own strength, literally. Plus, with his job, he’d have to be pulled away from the baby to “save” someone way too often. Just look at his bread!

Flaky: We’ve all seen this parent, with the kid wrapped in bubble wrap and pillows that can’t take one step without the parent freaking out that it’s too dangerous, congratulations, Flaky, you are the worst mother in Happy Tree Friends!

The Mole: I have nothing against blind people and blind people overall can be very great parents but when they pay next to zero attention to their other senses as The Mole does, you get a terrible father.

Handy: What are the two disabled tree friends doing right next to each other? Pure coincidence. Though what he can’t do without hands and still won’t ask for help with, he’s a sociopath, people die or are injured, he laughs and/or celebrates.

Lumpy: Given that I believe he’s very smart, you’d expect him to be closer to best on this list but he is selfish, greedy, lazy, and flat out cruel. Terrible combination.

Mime: Invisible items to do not nourish your baby or do anything for it. I hate to break it to you but you can’t mime your way though parenthood unless the baby is invisible as well.

Lifty: Like Shifty, he would spend most of the child’s life on the run or behind bars, however, unlike Shifty, I think Lifty would actually care about the child and try to be there whenever possible.

Mr. Pickels: As villainous as he is, we see through Lammy that he does have to possibility to grow a positive attachment, it’s unlikely though.

Petunia: Babies make a mess, a huge mess. Enough said.

Cuddles: He may mean well but he’d have very dangerous ideas to try with the child. He/she could have a lot of fun but they’d be in a lot of danger.

Lammy: She’s nice and caring at all but I’d doubt she’d leave Mr. Pickels behind and there’s almost no chance he’d take kindly to the child.

Russell and Toothy: They were hard to place but I’m not really seeing anything especially bad about them, just nothing especially good either so I just put them when we finished with the bad parents.

Disco Bear: He literally can’t be serious to save his life, it doesn’t matter if he’s having a heart attack or has his spine sticking out of his back, he’s never serious and you need to be at least to some extent to be a great parent. However, beyond that I don’t really see any problems so by golly go for it better than any of the above options.

Giggles: She’s kind, caring, sociable, and generally attentive… some times. The only real problem is that even when she’s an adult, she’s a little girl. I have serious doubts of her ability to be mature. She reminds me of Charlene in “Making Fiends” which isn’t a completely bad thing.

Nutty: Many people would put him much closer to worst but I don’t really see much of a problem with father Nutty and unlike Disco Bear, he has been shown to have the potential to be serious, just on rare occasions.

Cub: I have great faith in him to be able to break the cycle of bad parenting; he has the patience, forgiveness, kindness, and he had to learn how to take care of himself from infancy so he would clearly know how take care of a baby especially well.


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