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User Name: Pyro Python
Ice Cream Binge

Steady on, love.

Amputee Surgeon

I really want to know how he did that.

Real Name: Ryan
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: 15th May 1992
Country: England
Signature: Pyro Python(U|T|C)
Occupation: Applied Science Student
Favourite Animal: Dendroaspis polylepis

What Ifs

  1. What if it turned out Pop had two children, and he got the last one permanently killed, so he's only left with Cub.
  2. What if Disco Bear became a hobo.

My Prominent Wikis

(this, currently, is not as relevant as it was, simply because i'm trying to do a lot of cleanup on this wiki alone -_-)
I'm not always on here, however, this is the Wiki i like to mess with the most, i thought i'd put out what i've been up to in other places of interest, my prominent wikis are wikis i've edited at least 1,000 times. :)

  • Happy Tree Friends Wiki - 8.6k edits - A wiki about, you guys know this, the popular internet phenomenon, Happy Tree Friends.
  • Halopedia - 1.2k edits - A wiki about everything Halo-related (i haven't been on here in a while).

If i'm not on these, i may be on:

  • MythBusters Wiki - Fixing up - A wiki about the american science show that tests some of the silliest myths in existence.
  • QI Wiki - Fixing up - A wiki about the english comedy-educational programme that teaches you "Quite Interesting" things.
  • Animal Database - A wiki covering all animal life, extinct to present and wild to domesticated.

What Else to Address

  • Note: Citationless, cleanup-necessary, and stubbed articles are now being highlighted.

  • Fix updating edit counts issue in the edit count userbox.
  • We have a Milk Pong article, so maybe a Double Vision one?
  • Condense List of Occupations and List of Belongings back to character pages.
  • Continue contributing to the controversy articles/sections:
  • Put a new roster section on the episodic templates (just finished Dunce Upon a Time).
    • Also review episode videos for authenticity.
    • Check template width on episodes.
    • Repair official descriptions.
  • Overhaul character bios where possible.
  • Review the crew articles.
  • Organising images, articles, templates and categories as wanted, uncategorised, or unused.
  • Try to clean up article trivia.
  • The character listing structure has always needed a redo. (add some info in the List of Pets article)
    • Then the characters can have restructuring in terms of navigation, including templates.
  • Episode view counts could be added.
  • Sort out issue with TV episodes category.
  • References may begin to become necessary.

Just finished Cold Hearted on articles.
After articles, review the above notes.
Then possibly try out references, including:

  • Reference points
  • Reference sections
  • Reference template

Then check what's below, heavy-duty stuff can be completed there.


  • Redesign delete with angry cuddles from YouTube 101
  • Redesign templates to overall look like Template:Cleanup.

My Old Rant Texts

These are my totally unrefined rant texts, so bear with me, it's a big move.

Is Flaky Male or Female? (currently unfinished)

Flaky is my favourite character, and it is no surprise i like to get involved in the Male/Female debate, i personally believe Flaky to be a girl, always have and always will, and if you don't think the same:
View this video (i know it's mostly text, but if you want to look at this in more detail, i strongly recommend this video). This guy virtually destroys every argument for Flaky being a boy, so this should change your mind (even though not everything is 100% conclusive, it is still VERY good).

Is Splendid the reason why Happy Tree Friends can keep dying?

This isn't particularly prevalant (well, i don't think it is), but i want to give my view on it anyway. I have seen around YouTube and the Wiki occasionally, some people talking about Splendid apparantly being the reason why the Happy Tree Friends can keep dying. They are basing this on his ability to turn back time by circumnavigating the globe at a faster-than-light speed, which could make some sense, because they talk about wormholes existing differently in terms of the speed at which time flows, if you get what i'm saying (hopefully); however, there is two huge flaws in this statement:

  1. Mondo Media have stated that their is no plot continuity between episode to episode (unless stated otherwise), which would cause HUGE plot errors.
  2. Splendid has died himself in Gems the Breaks, so how could this be achieved?

I want to now bring up a few issues with the points i have made. With the first one, even though i have stated that i don't like the idea in going with EVERYTHING that Mondo Media has said, i say that because a lot of these points go against common sense, such as Splendid dying in Class Act; but here, i do not feel this rule of mine applies, because, let's face it, not everything in the entertainment industry, especially shows such as Happy Tree Friends, can be fully explained, and some areas and concepts cannot be explained at all.

With my second point: even though i have stated Splendid has died in Gems the Breaks, Splendont exists (obviously, back then we had no idea about him), and he may have done something similar to what Splendid did in Better Off Bread, where he (Splendid) turned time back, and can change past events by time travelling backwards through this method (although, i do wonder if he can ever travel FORWARDS in time). However, once again, there is a flaw against this argument against my argument: Splendont may have still been trapped in the Mirror seen in the Ka-Pow! episode Mirror Mirror; what i am getting at here is he may not have been able to do so at the time because of being physically held back.

Here's my closing statement, people can debate this over and over if they must, but at the end of the day, despite things i've said about Mondo, they made this show to have no continuity in plot, unless they decide otherwise, so they can create a series, otherwise, they could run out of ideas, and no HTF fan wants to see that happen, do they? So, my opinion on this topic is, "No, it is highly unlikely at the very best, but i keep an open mind, so feel free to say otherwise, or i could say it is debatable, and even if i can't, imagine if there HAD to be a reason behind the HTFs coming back again and again, that would be a good place to start.".

Rants Not Done

"Did Toothy kill zombie Flippy in Remains to be Seen?" & "Did Whistle kill Cub in Doggone It?"

Death Table

Currently in the works.

Project Pages

This is the whole project page system i'm trying to set up, if anyone notices any mistakes, or sees a way any of them can be improved, please, tell me.


Navigation Project Page (to review)

  1. Internet Season 1 Navigator (to review)
  2. Internet Season 2 Navigator (to review)
  3. Internet Season 3 Navigator (to review)
  4. TV Season 1 Navigator (to review)
  5. Irregular Episodes Navigator (to review)
  6. HTF Shorts Series Navigator (to review)
  7. Ka-Pow! Navigator (to review)
  8. Main Character Navigator (to review)
  9. Ka-Pow! Character Navigator (to review)
  10. Irregular Characters Navigator (to review)
  11. HTF Animals Navigator (to review)
  12. Characters Navigator (to review)


Infobox Project Page (to review)

  1. Episode Infobox
  2. Episodic Display (to review)
  3. Episodic Display 2 (to review)
  4. Episodic Display 3 (to review)
  5. Episodic Display 3.5 (to review)
  6. Episodic Display 4 (to review)
  7. Episodic Display 5 (to review)
  8. Main Character Bio (to review)
  9. Other Character Bio (to review)
  10. Happy Tree Friends Infobox (to review)
  11. Mondo Mini Shows Infobox (to review)
  12. Pet Bio (to review)
  13. Animal Bio (to review)
  14. HTF-FA Level Infobox (to review)
  15. HTF-FA Medal Infobox (to review)

Death Table

Death Table Project Page (to review upon completion)

  1. Giggles Row (to do)
  2. Toothy Row (to do)
  3. Lumpy Row (to do)
  4. Petunia Row (to do)
  5. Handy Row (to do)
  6. Nutty Row (to do)
  7. Sniffles Row (to do)
  8. Pop Row (to do)
  9. Cub Row (to do)
  10. Flaky Row (to do)
  11. The Mole Row (to do)
  12. Disco Bear Row (to do)
  13. Russell Row (to do)
  14. Lifty Row (to do)
  15. Shifty Row (to do)
  16. Mime Row (to do)
  17. Cro-Marmot Row (to do)
  18. Flippy Row (to do)
  19. Splendid Row (to do)
  20. Lammy Row (to do)
  21. Mr. Pickels Row (to do)
  22. The Ants Row (to do)
  23. Generic Tree Friends Row (to do)
  24. The Whale Row (to do)
  25. Total Deaths Row (to do)
  26. Appearances Row (to do)
  27. Deaths To Appearances Row (to do)


Maintenance Project Page (to review)

  1. Stub (to review)
  2. Delete (to review)
  3. Disambiguation (to review)
  4. Cleanup (to review)
  5. Guideline (to review)
  6. Unreferenced (progress later on)
  7. Citation (to review)
  8. Unreleased Episode (to review)
  9. Merge (to add)
  10. Split (to add)
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