I am Josephine Leigh Broyles (Josie for short) a.k.a. Princess-Josie-Riki. I am FNAF trash, ONAF trash, Halloween and horror trash, ghosts and hauntings trash, cuteness trash, Nightmare Fredbear trash, Ammo Baron trash, Nightbear (Nightmare Fredbear x Nightmare) trash, Pochikoriki/Pochiko (Pogoriki x Chikoriki; pairing or fusion) trash, chest beater trash, Sailor Moon trash, Madoka Kanane trash, Krader/Cragsters Max trash, Werner Werman trash, Ammo Baron x Techno Baron trash, Flumpty Bumpty trash, Secret Squirrel trash, HTF trash, Dragon Quest trash, The Haunted Mansion trash, The Nightmare Before Christmas trash, Shantae trash, Unikitty trash and Nindja trash (especially Mysto).

I am mostly on DeviantART, YouTube, FanFiction, Wattpad, Archive of Our Own, Fur Affinity, Flickr, pixiv, WeVideo, Tumblr, Zerochan, Neopets, Recolor.me and Gaia Online.

My favorite wikis

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