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  • I live in Robstown, TX
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is Student
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Hey Anonymous! My name is PokemonTDHTF98, or you can call me Sherman. I am diagnosed with autism. When I first discover Happy Tree Friends back in August or September of 2013, I was not into it because of how violent it is, but after several days of researching that show, I get use of it and like that show and become a fan ever since. If you don't know me before, I started working at the Total Drama Wikia back in September of 2014, so I'm still in this wiki and will try to edit some few, and sometimes I may have schoolwork to do and the anime club for my school.

History in HTF Wiki

February 6, 2015: I joined the Happy Tree Friends Wiki.

February 13, 2015: I was requested to go to Deviantart by Sandgar. [[1]]

April 12, 2015: I receive a rollback right by Yong Feng and Sandgar.

Favorite Stuff

Here are some of my favorite video games/ TV shows:

TV Shows Video Games Anime
Steven Universe Mario Bros. Pokemon
That 70's Show Kid Icarus Bleach
Total Drama Fire Emblem Kill La Kill
Happy Tree Friends Kirby Attack on Titan
Teen Titans Diddy Kong Racing Inuyasha

Friend List

If you want to my friend, please feel free to put your name in.

  1. Sandgar
  2. -=+=-Flamey-=+=-
  3. InanimateInsanityNickel
  4. Yong Feng
  5. SaeinihpNnylf
  6. Smart zombie
  8. HTFfanfreak
  9. HelloWhatsUp

So I'll try to get some edits as much as I can, feel free to chat, but PLEASE no mean comments, I just don't accept that, but if you respect my opinion, I'll reply on you.

Userbox Stuff:

S1E20 Tired
This user's favorite character is Lifty, along with his brother, Shifty

Here is my favorite couple, and if it makes you uncomfortable, I’m really sorry:

Lifty x Shifty (I’m pretty sure you could find it on DeviantArt or fanfics about that)

Flaky x Flippy

Lammy x Cuddles

Splendid x Flippy

Handy x Russell

Handy x Petunia

Here are some things to know about me:

I’m a huge fan of Anime! I love drawing, eating pizza, candy (Chocolate mostly), and lots of hugs! I really hate bugs and bees. I’m really good at cooking (I only use the microwave), and wrote a fanfiction before.

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