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About Myself:

Hello, I'm a big fan of Happy Tree Friends, I'm not sure how I met the serie, but love anyway. If you have a question or suggestion send a message on my wall, however, do not send spam messages or to be Badges to win, because it will be removed anyway.

My Job Here:

I'm am a person very sweety person, one of the favorite things that i like to help here is the images, due to removal of the ex-admin HelloWhatsUp, was not found a replacement for him, until I had the idea to be your replace, sometimes i make many mistakes of grammar in my issues because i don't be american and make duplication of images that caused my block on my old account.

My Opinion About of Couples FlippyXFlaky: Well, I'm not against those who like FlippyXFlaky, however, the various fan-arts all over the Internet written by Mary-Sues, do I hate this kind of couple. The serie portrayed them just as good friends, although the Fan-Girls portray them as couples. But wait, Flaky is a paranoid and Flippy is a medium-psycho when he turns out (Fliqpy).

My Favorite Shows

The Get Along Gang (1983)  - I love much this cartoon.

The Fairly OddParents (1998) 

Spongebob SquarePants (1999)  

Happy Tree Friends (1999)

My Own Characters:

My Stats:

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