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Hi, Anonymous! I'm Neil, a Computer Engineering student and freelance programmer, as of this page update I only perform technical maintenance as a service to the wiki for years of friendship and community. I met some of my best friend on Wikia and this, my main wiki, will always have a special place in my heart, right next to the drugs and booze... If you want me to help out with anything feel free to find me on our Discord server, I have the same profile pic and my name is usually part of my tag. Just a few guidelines should you decide to message me:

  • I don't normally don't respond to just a greeting because I normally am quite busy, and either way I'm not very fun to be friends with.
  • I can solve pretty much any problem you shoot at me, so just drop a short summary of what you need done and I'll get on it ASAP.
  • If it's an emergency, start your message with "URGENT". DO NOTE: Being lonely or bored does not constitute a Code 3 Creeper response, if you spam my Discord, I will block you, and ban you from the server, and whatever else I feel fit given the mood you catch me in.
  • If you really REALLY wanna be my friend, send me your dankest memes and I'll decide if you are worthy.
  • If you just have a nasty spam addiction, I completely disregard my message wall so go crazy on that. I won't protect you from the other admins though.
  • DO NOT ask me to lift/lighten your ban unless you have solid evidence that it was unfair. I know some admins on here are pretty iron-fisted, but if you listen to warnings then you should be fine.

...that's pretty much it. Enjoy the wiki, and don't be a stranger!

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