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I'm an administrator in the Happy Tree Friends Wiki. I am currently dedicated to The Legend of Zelda series, so you are more likely to find me in Zeldapedia or Zelda Answers.

If you have anything to tell me, feel free to send me a message, chances are I will respond.

Top 20 of my Best character

The #1 is my best and the #20 is the one I like least.

1- Flippy

2- Lumpy

3- Cuddles

4- Disco Bear

5- Splendid

6- Shifty

7- Lifty

8- The Mole

9- Russell

10- Pop

11- Cub

12- Nutty

13- Toothy

14- Handy

15- Sniffles

16- Flaky

17- Giggles

18- Petunia

19- Mime

20- Cro-Marmot

Note that I like all HTFs, There are just some that I like more than some other.