Ti's I the uploader of GIF! as of sept. 21 not anymore, guys my computer crashed like months ago can't make em' anymore sorry :C

I am king! NOT!!!


I'm a 14 year old girl who completely fell in love with HTF, If anyone would like to request a GIF animation, go and tell me, i'll be happy to do it.

Favorite characters

  1. Pop
  2. Russell
  3. Shifty
  4. Lifty
  5. Splendid
  6. Lumpy
  7. Flippy
  8. Cub
  9. Disco Bear
  10. Mime
  11. Handy
  12. Petunia
  13. Nutty
  14. The Mole
  15. Cuddles ( Numbers 15 to 17 are generic)
  16. Toothy
  17. Giggles
  18. Sniffles
  19. Cro-Marmot
  20. Flaky (She'll be at the bottom permanently i can assure you that)

Although if Possible, I'll put Buddhist Monkey at the 6th place


Happy tree friends


Cowboy bebop


The big bang theory

Big bang theory.jpg

How I met your mother

HowIMetYourMother S3 key.jpg



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