That's gotta hurt...

No matter what sniffles does to toothy, he always gets his eye up in a tree.

He's must had done something, He's a fluffball now!


Look out!


1. That's Pit's Hara Kiri, and two, Ow...

Bombs Away!

Uh, Cuddles? Next time DON'T invite flippy to a campfire.

This is MechaRain22 here with some info about Happy Tree Friends' coming into my new game; Mortal Kombat: Recarnation!

  1. The Happy Tree Friends are going to be in the 3rd part of my story.
  2. Siffles' new name in MK:R is Antlee
  3. All HTFs speak in human-hearing tones.
  4. SSB's Pit and Thrill kill's Belladonna and Violet were born here.
  5. All of Pit's Fatalities are inspired by the many deaths of Flaky, Lumpy, and Flippy
  6. Violet's fatalies are copied from Flippy.
  7. In the Mavado side of the story, Flippy teaches Dan Hibiki how to use "Flip rage".

nice job sniffles!

Good flippy: "Nice!" Evil flippy: "What the Heck!?

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