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Hello! i'm LulaBird FreddyBird and i am a Big fan of HTF! i'm very busy, so, i don't have a lot of time for this wiki anymore. but yeah. sometimes i still go here.

Character Ranking:

1- Mime

2- Cuddles

3- Truffles (Does it count as a Main Character?)

4- Russell

5- Toothy

6- Flaky

7- Lumpy

8- Lammy

9- Sniffles

10- Giggles

11- Splendid

12- Cro-Marmot

13- Flippy

14- Petunia

15- Lifty

16- Shifty

17- Cub

18- Pop

19- Disco Bear

20- Mr. Pickels

21- Fliqpy

22- Ants

I Acctually Like All Characters (Except for the Last 3), But this is Just my Rank :)

Favorite Episodes

Season 1

Sweet Ride

Nuttin' but the Tooth

Happy Trails Pt. 1

Season 2

Icy You

Remains to be Seen

Out of Sight, Out of Mime

Tv Series

Easy For You to Sleigh

Mime to Five

Easy Comb, Easy Go

Season 3

Something Fishy

Wrath of Con

By The Seat Of Your Pants

Season 4

Dream Job

Buns of Steal

Spare Tire

Season 5

Going Out With a Bang

Just Be Claus

An Inconvenient Tooth

please mondo, new eps

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