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Fanmade/crossover htf characters

  • Tuila the cannbalism cappicorn
  • Tattle the ant thirsty venom snake
  • detective perry,a famous detective platypus
  • clifford and kipper are tied up meerkat who doesn't get along.
  • mimi is a white fox with a bloody bandage face.
  • chunk and Susie,chunk is a lime green chinchilla who bought a toy named Susie who kills anything at midnight-6am.
  • candy and sugar,sugar is a red bottomless bunny who rides on top of candy who is an orange armless cat.
  • mark is an orange dinosaur who believed he is in a Vr game.
  • skit and mike are squirrels twins who love to prank,skit is red with a light blue eye bandana and mike is light blue with red eye bandana
  • denis is a Pokemon crossover eevee with a white bow who can talk clear English who teleport from Pokemon world to happy tree friends world to get to know about this place.
  • Squidgy is a magenta octopus with yellow eyes on the side who makes background cameo in some of the episodes,he appears in.
  • cupid is alight blue poodle moth who is a one time character who appears as a main character in the Halloween spiecel where she dressed up as Freddy kieger.
  • clurg is a blue skinny fish who can puff himself into a large round ball ten time his size and grow large indigo spikes all around his body.
  • harp and her 2 consolations,angel and devil.harp is a pink squirrel with a lollipop as a hairpin.angel is a white squirrel with wings,a yellow golden halo and a harp.devil is a red squirrel with bat wings,devil horn and tail arms a tredant.


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