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A Few Things to Know About Me

I'm 16 years-old, and I am a sophomore in high-school. I enjoy sports, specifically soccer and hockey. I don't consider myself an artist, but when I do draw something, it's traditionally. I joined the HTF wiki back in April 2017, but I originally started to watch the show in January. Even though I don't watch the show much anymore, I still do editing (mostly clean-up, though). I'm also a fan of South Park.

NOTE: You can contact me through Discord (Jusky#5201) if you have to talk privately.

Favorite Characters to Least Favorite Characters


Always been my favorite, even when I first watched HTF. Construction work isn't his best job, but off-screen he gets things done well enough. His scowl is funny too.

S2E14 Injuried Handy
This user thinks Handy is the cutest tree friend.


Best girl of the show, in my opinion. I enjoy the obvious irony of her being an OCD skunk (Wishy Washy is a good episode too).

S3E9 SF Petunia's death
This user thinks Petunia is the sweetest tree friend.


Unofficial mascot of HTF, also he's the best-looking. I rest my case.

This user thinks Cuddles is the coolest tree friend.


Somewhat influenced by Nemao, his eye injuries are my favorite running gag in the show.

This user thinks Toothy is the nicest tree friend.

The Mole

Mole episodes are some of the best of the show and are examples of some of the things blind people shouldn't do.

S2E23 Thumbs up
This user thinks The Mole should get their eyes checked.


His episodes are cliché and overrated, but his kills are the most creative which make him worth watching.

STV1E13.2 Flippy Shrug
This user says Flippy is about as overrated as Flaky.
Userbox Lumpy
This user thinks Lumpy is the most irritating.
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