Ibrahim hamroush

aka Ibrahim Hamroush

  • I live in Alexandria, Egypt
  • I was born on July 6
  • My occupation is theorist in HTF and any other wiki i join
  • I am Male

About Me

Hi, Everyone, my name is Ibrahim Hamroush, and i've started watching this show on 29th November 2017, and i liked it although it has outrageous blood and gore because it's cute and funny, it's very good show though, i've joined this wiki since 18th September 2018, and i hope i can be best friends with all of you.

My favourite characters

  1. PetuniaProfilePictureImage

    This Is My Favourite Character Of The Series.

    Flaky flakes

    Or Maybe this is My Favourite Character.

    Petunia - Petunia is my Favourite character, what i like about her is that she's extremely cute and innocent, I never really liked her with her OCD but still very cool, and in her relationships, she is compassionate and kind.
  2. ​​​​​Flaky - Flaky is my second Favourite character, what i like about her is her scared, shy and timid character, which makes her very funny, and cute.
  3. ​​​​​Cuddles - Cuddles is my third Favourite character, he's innocent, cute,
    and funny.
  4. Handy - Handy is funny, including when he does that angry face.
  5. Russell - Russell is cute, innocent, Good-Hearted Pirate.
  6. Giggles - Giggles is the biggest good in the series, but what i don't
    like about her is that the writers made her date other male characters
    and made her cheat on Cuddles, also because Nemao, the animator
    of HTF made her cheat again on Cuddles and loves someone named
    Snowers and it's really annoying.
  7. Mime - Mime is cute too, but episodes like who's to flame, mime to five,
    is what i don't like about him, he is the one who's responsible for the deaths
    in these episodes, but, in episodes like Class Act, we can see how
    Warm-Hearted he was in that episode, and what i like about him too
    that he is the definition of manliness, when he's in extreme pain or gets
    tortured, he doesn't scream or never say ouch or aaahhh.
  8. Toothy - Toothy is cute too, but what i don't like about him that he chooses
    to do things before he think, and he is the one of those who were responsible for the deaths in Class Act, i like toothy though, when he does these thing, he actually didn't mean to do it, he is poor though, so i actually like him.


  9. Nutty - Nutty is cute too, but his addiction to candy make things to spiral
    out of control, like Class Act, but he can't help it though, at least he's not
    evil like Flippy when he's in Fliqpy mode, also i think he should flirt with girls too like Disco Bear, because when he's with the girls he look so cute with them, but he doesn't, he's poor though.
  10. Flippy - Flippy is my one of my Favourite characters, he is the reason of why this show is epic and he's awesome and Badass.​​​​​, but actually i say he is my tenth favourite, because he is evil when he is in Fliqpy mode, and i think he is the main antagonist with the cursed idol.
    Heres lumpy

    Here's Lumpy

  • Honorable Mentions: Lumpy, Cro-Marmot, Pop, Lumpy is extremely funny also i think he is the main protagonist in all HTF, Cro-Marmot is the biggest troll in all HTF, and Pop is a funny and warm-hearted parent.

Characters Rankings

There's my Rankings of HTF characters, if i'm going to say my most beloved and hated characters, then i'm going to Rank them, from best to worst, there it is:

1st: Petunia

Now this is my most beloved character in HTF universe, because i believe that this is the character that did nothing wrong and never cheated on someone else like Giggles or any other character does, as she and Handy are the only confirmed couple in the series, although i like Giggles because she is the biggest good in HTF just like how we saw her environmentalist personality in every litter bit hurts, i believe that if Petunia was replaced with Giggles in that episode, i believe she will do the same thing Giggles did, as long as she likes cleanliness, Keeping things in place and smelling good, but i never liked her with OCD, but the writers wanted to give a character OCD so they chose her, but actually, it sometimes happened, but in other episodes she was shown that she didn't have OCD like Take a hike, and she is very kind, caring, cute and friendly, and her funniest roles like the ones in Happy Trails pt 1 or Hello Dolly, and i think she is like the female Lumpy, except she doesn't like spoiling the environment like Lumpy does, because i believe she is the tallest female character in HTF, and funny, just like how they made the same mistake, Lumpy made that mistake first in kitchen kringle, and Petunia did that mistake again in Breaking Wind, and they both smiled before killing the other characters, that's why she is my favourite character.

2nd: Flaky

my second favourite character in the series, because she is cute, funny, shy, innocent and friendly at the same time, and like Petunia, i believe she did nothing wrong.

3rd: Cuddles

my third favourite character in HTF, he is cute, funny, innocent and friendly.

4th: Handy

he is cute, and funny including when he does that angry face.

5th: Russell

he is cute, Kind and good-hearted pirate and funny.

6th: Giggles

she is caring, bubbly, pretty, sweet, kind and friendly, and the biggest good in the series, including her environment personality in every litter bit hurts, but what i dislike about her is she cheating on other characters and also because Nemao, the animator of HTF made her cheat again on Cuddles and loves someone named
Snowers and it's really annoying.

7th: Mime

he is cute, funny and friendly, and i believe he is he kindest and most warm-hearted and the character with the biggest heart in the series, just like when he gave that burned up generic tree friend a ballon animal in Class Act and made him smile before they would all die, and he was the biggest reason why Happy Trails pt 1 is my favourite episode, he was very funny at that episode, but i kinda dislike him for being responsible for the deaths in Mime to Five or who's to flame, or actually there's no one to blame in that episode, but he is a very cool character.

8th: Toothy

he is cute, funny and friendly, but i kinda dislike him like Mime for being the one who was responsible the most for the deaths in Class Act and he does some stupid things like in his smoochie when he smelled the bad egg and he
found it disgusting he was like: i have no choice but to eat it, which is really stupid, but anyway, i like him, he is
a very cool character though.

9th: Nutty

he is cute, funny, and seemingly kind, just like we saw him with Sniffles, but that when he is not addicted to candy,
but what i dislike about him is his addiction which causes nonsense and stupidity and even his own death and
the death of some characters, as he was on of the three that caused the explosion, along with Lumpy and Toothy,
but sometimes i hate seeing him die, and he is a very good character though, and let me tell a fun fact about him, when he is not into candy and addiction, you can find him a very intelligent character, just like when we saw him beating Sniffles who is the smartest character in a a game of checkers in the episode From Hero to Eternity, This is ironic, since Sniffles is often considered to be the smartest character.

10th: Flippy
well i used to rank him the second, but at least he is in my top 10 characters, i like him because he is badass, and
strong, and he is the reason why this show is epic, sometimes his kills can be funny, and sometimes his kills can be dramatic, which makes me kinda dislike him for being sadistic like the ants, but he is a very good character though.

11th: Lumpy

i like him because i believe he is the main hero/protagonist of the series, and when he does mistakes, i think that he didn't mean to do so, but he is funny and the funniest character in the series, and he is the ultimate troll in HTF.

12th: Cro-Marmot

or maybe this character is the ultimate troll in HTF, and i think he have toon force which allows him to do things although he is frozen, and he is very funny too in episodes like: Snow what? that's what or Swelter Skelter or Intimate Spotlight.

13th: Pop

he is a kind and warm-hearted parent who loves his son, Cub, he is funny and i think that when Cub dies, i think that he is not responsible for most of his deaths, which means that whenever Cub dies, mostly, it's not Pop's fault.

14th: Cub

he is a very cute baby and innocent and funny, that's all.

15th: Disco Bear

i'm neutral with him, but he is a good friend of Lumpy, which one of the thing that make me like him, he is funny just like in a Vicious Cycle, but kinda annoying and disgusting, just like when we saw him in his first appearance episode in Stayin' Alive, but at the same time, i feel bad for him.

16th: Sniffles

i'm neutral with him, but i see him he is the one who attacks the ants first which results in his demise, but i like as a character too, but he was responsible for the deaths in blast from the past.

17th: The Mole

i like him as a character too, but he killed Giggles in every litter bit hurts and Nutty in a sucker for love, which made me hate him, i know he is blind, but there is a question: how did he feel that Sniffles didn't have his ticket?, he can actually see, or what?, or he is a troll character in an annoying way?, so that's what make me kinda dislike him, but he is soft spoken, which makes him a kind character too.

18th: Lifty

i'm neutral with him, but he is one of the antagonists of the series, i like him as a character too, but i feel bad for him because of Shifty's selfishness and greediness.

19th: Shifty

i dislike him for his selfishness and greediness.

20th: Splendid

i dislike for being he isn't caring and when he does his heroic things, it all end up in killing the characters and because he fought against his brother Splendont and he hit him first in my opinion and killed his brother's whale, and because of his no limit stupidity, i feel like is not stupid, he is acting stupid and acting as if he is stupid which causes the deaths of the characters, which means that when he is responsible for the deaths, i feel like he meant to kill them.

21st: Lammy

i dislike her for being schizophrenic, and killing the characters and  since she always sees Mr. Pickles as a living creature while everyone else just sees him as an ordinary pickle. Therefore, Lammy is killing everyone herself, but since she denies the fact that she would ever harm someone, she uses her wild imagination to conjure up Mr. Pickels as the scapegoat for her crimes, but she is the second character i dislike the most, which makes me hate her although she is cute, and it is said that she is the one that created Mr. Pickles.

22nd: Mr. Pickles

the main character that i dislike the most for murdering and killing with cold blood and without any reason, i mean what grudge does Mr. Pickles have on the characters?, that's why i hate that living object.

 My Favourite Episodes

  • here's my top 10 HTF Episodes:

    1- Happy Trails (pt1), 2-Happy Trails (pt2) Jumping the shark, 3-In Over Your Hedge, 4- A Vicious Cycle,
    5- By The Seat Of Your Pants, 6- Snow What? That's What,7- Swelter Skelter, 8- Remains to be seen,
    9-Keepin' it real, 10- Breaking Wind,
  • Honorable mentions: Idol Curiosity, Hello Dolly, Rink Hijinks, Spare Tire, Dunce upon a time and Aw, Shucks.
  • Irregular episodes: Kringle Feast, Intimate Spotlight.
  • Reasons why i love them: 1-as you can see i have added happy trails (pt1) as my favourite episode, why? because the part where Lumpy yelling at Mime while he was choking had me dying of laughter, it was like Homer Strangle Bart or when Bugs Bunny made the Opera singer suffocate in Long Haired Hare, also, When Lumpy was yelling at him, it's like he's saying to him: you should be embarrassed of yourself so he make himself feel embarrassed by turning his face violet instead of making red cheeks, or it's like he's saying to him: yeah keep making choking noises and don't stop, and when i heard Lumpy was yelling, i heard him saying: Tom And Jerry, Jerry Jerry Always Win, also Lumpy's voice is very funny, and of course Petunia and Lumpy when
    they screamed together and Petunia urinates herself all over the floor until they fell off the cliff and they all screamed together in horror, including the dramatic sounds that was playing when they fell off the cliff and
    screamed in horror, but at the same time i felt sorry for them, the dramatic sounds was kinda like the one that plays when you defeat Blaze in Mortal Kombat Armageddon and explodes and the announcer announces the name of the winner.
    2-happy trails (pt2) second because the HTF characters doing smart thing, plans and strategies to get out of the island, it's like Commandos, Worms World Party, etc, and when Giggles got stung by the jellyfish and was suffering from extreme chills, her face was kinda like Trollface, but at the same time, i felt sorry for her, and also funniest part about it is when Flippy turns his anger on Flaky and killed her (off-screen), when Flippy was laughing evilly while he was pounding her grave, that laugh reminds me of PewDiePie's laugh in I broke Happy Wheels at 1:21 and he laughed that laugh again in How to be ugly at 0:48
    3- the third, fourth, fifth, eighth, ninth because the Fliqpy and Lumpy fight.
    4- sixth, seventh because Cro-Marmot Troll.
    5- Breaking Wind because Splendid was very funny in that episode, he killed the planet by farting and unleashes his deadly toxic gas.
    6- Idol Curiosity, Hello Dolly were the best episodes of the idol.
    7-Spare Tire and Dunce Upon A Time because Giggles survived AKA: THE BIGGEST GOOD IN
    8- Aw Shucks and Rink Hijinks because Cub was funny and Lumpy was funny and at that part of the episode Aw Shucks where he said: Here's Lumpy was very funny.
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