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Hello! I'm IThrowLemonsAtLife, but you can call me Lemon or Lemons. I'm 22 years old. Most likely I'll become an elementary teacher. Don't worry, I won't show HTF to the kids. At least not until they turn 10.

What I like about the show

I love the childish and colorful style, inspired by children's books and cartoons. It feels nostalgic! Mix this with blood and guts, it becomes hypnotic.

The humor follows all of the needed rules. It's quick, unexpected, many jokes take their time to get built up, there are bait and switch situations, brick jokes, major escalations and many more!

I also love the fact that no matter how much they screw up, they'll be fine in the next episode. The whole town gets destroyed every now and then, but then it's all normal. There's so much destruction and it's never permanent. It feels like you're a kid that can break as much as it wants, then all of the broken things get back to their places in one piece. You don't have to clean up the mess, you don't have to buy new stuff and empty your budget.

The characters are all memorable and bring something to the show, even the most underdeveloped ones. They all follow their own rules, but I love the fact that someties they break them without making the show jump the shark. They're all different, which gives endless opportunities for plot.


Cuddles - He's hilarious and adorable. I love it how he's a cutesy bunny with high pitched voice and bunny slippers on the outside, but a mischievous skater and stunt lover on the inside. He's kind, friendly, yet bratty and inconsiderate, this mix of contradicting personalities is great! He's also one of the more sociable characters and is often seen doing things with the others. I know, watching friendships isn't the purpouse of the show, but it's nice to see those. Cuddles is a good providor for this.

Giggles - So much unneeded hate just because she dated around five characters. She's kind, upbeat and attentive. I think she needs to work more to develop outside the role of "The chick". She was an environmentalist in Every Litter Bit Hurts, she was a heroine in Dunce Upon a Time (she was awesome there), but I would like to see more. However, she's a great character. Giggles has potential.

Toothy - It's a bit of a shame he's so famous for not having a personality. He has so much potential. I personally see him as a downplayed version of Spongebob. I see him as the cheerful and energetic young boy that is easily influenced and tends to look up to others. Probably the problem with his personality is that he doesn't stick to anything specific, or isn't as unique compared to the others, or that he changed the least. He can fit both the roles of the whacky guy and the straight man perfectly. I think he's kinda like Cuddles, but more submissive and sensitive. Toothy is pretty underrated in my opinion. Also, I want to hug this little fella every time he cries! And I really like his eye injury trademark.

Lumpy - The king of comedy, it's no wonder he stars so much. The mistakes he does are legendary. His attempts to fix them aren't any worse. He's so enterntaining and I like his roles as a care taker at most. There's something warm about his behaviour of a father, or a big brother to whoever ends up under his care. Too bad they won't live for long. Lumpy is funny even in his meaner roles. He can pull off everything, as long as he does incredibly dumb mistakes and goes to massive lengths to achieve his goals.

Petunia - One of the animals with better character development. She did flawlessly what I want to see from Giggles. Her neat freak trait is a great addition to her personality, yet it's not the whole Petunia. I liked her even when she was a flat cutesy character without OCD. I still think she hasn't reached her full potential yet.

Handy - This guy is awesome. His major joke never gets old. He's so easily frustrated and it's hilarious. Despite everything, he goes to great lengths in order to deal with his situation. Handy's a badass, he gets challanged a lot, yet he never gives up. Not until he's a bloody mush. The joke that he does everything offscreen is hilarious. The only thing I dislike about him is when he barely cares for someone else. It suits him to be easily angered, but not that mean spirited.

Nutty - This guy! Just... Nutty. He's hilarious. His energy, his giggling - awesome! He's incredibly enterntaining. Having a sugar addict - that's a good addition to the cast. It's interesting how his sugar lust levels vary in the episodes to the point where he actually falls in love with candy. He's also an example of breaking a character rule without jumping the shark. He's a sugar addict, he has always been and he will always be. With the exception of the false alarm episode! He was actually cured and took up another addiction! That was very interesting! I also like seeing his calmer moments. It's good to see how he reacts differentlu in situations and how friendships influence him. Yes, everybody knows I'm talking about Sniffles. One would tell they'd hate each other, but nope! This gives another layer for Nutty's character.

Sniffles - He reminds me so much of Dexter from Dexter's Lab! A young master inventor with high pitched voice who lacks common sense. Seeing the smart one do some of the stupidest mistakes is always welcome in my book. I also really like his inventions. It's great that he started building stuff since Happy Trails. The things he creates bring so many opportunities! I would love to see more of those. He has the same problem as Handy - he doesn't show that much concern for others when they're injured. Still, Sniffles can be a caring friend. Especially towards Nutty, Toothy and Giggles.

Pop and Cub - One of the things I also like about the show is when they imply things about someone's backstory. We saw Pop and Cub standing in front of a grave after years of wondering about the mom. And God, is Pop bad at handling parenting by himself! He tries hard, he tries so hard, he has the heart to do it! But he can barely pay attention to his son. Cub on the other hand easily gets himslef in trouble. You blink and he's already a bloody mush. Even if you're cautious and responsible Cub can easily die under your care. Mix those things and we get the reason they're an awesome addition to the cast.

Flaky - My personal favourite. Flaky is loved by the fans becasue of her adorableness, shyness, kindness, and being relateable for some. My opinion is not any different. She stands out with her cowardice, because she seems to be the most aware of her surroundings. It's hard to forget her in a crowd of characters that are blissfully ignorant towards dangers. Now let's talk more about her moments of awesome - the ones where she breaks her own rules. Every time Flaky does something brave it's a huge moment for her. Similarly with Nutty, this brings another layer to her character. I mean, she'd be bland if her only trait was cowardice forever. Also, let's talk about the obvious - the gender issue. The creators decided for her to be a girl, yet they say it shouldn't really matter. I don't want to sound shallow, but it kinda does. If Flaky was a boy, she'd be the typical cowardly friend of the braver and more outgoing main characters. That's not bad, but we've seen this quite a lot. Flaky as a girl however - this makes her the first female character in the show that's not created to be the chick. She's also a shy and cowardly tomboy. How often do we see that?

The Mole - I like this character. He opens so many opportunities for chaos due to his blindness. The funniest thing about him is when he does things that require vision. It's hilarious to see his belongings in the beginning of Sight for Sore Eyes. So is the part where he goes trough the garage door before he opens it. He was also pretty nice in Blind Date. Perhaps I would have liked him more if we could see his face expressions and if he had a voice, though not being like that is part of his charm. I kinda wish he had more episodes as a spy.


Disco Bear - At first I really disliked him. He used to be my least favourite character. He was just an annoying creepy bear who disregarded everyone else's feelings. Then I saw the TV episodes and... he was still my least favourite character. Then some years passed and I thought more about that - he was well developed in the TV season, I felt so sorry for this guy. He was also enterntaining to watch. Besides that, Disco Bear made me think of his backstory a bit too much. It was hinted that he might have released an album that brought him fame, right? Perhaps in the 70s he was an outcast with low self-esteem and passion for disco music. Then he released the album, it brought him success, he became famous and cofident. He changed his apparance into the image we all know. Then the Disco Era ended. He was so afraid of becoming the ordinary guy he used to be, so he kept the appearance and behaviour to the present. Now go and watch Easy Comb Easy Go with this background in mind.


Russel - A pirate! Horray! This is another good flavour for the cast! However, in many of the newer episodes... he seems too normal to be a pirate. He was goofier in the older internet series and I wish I could see more of this side. I wanted to see more of his insanity too. To be fair, Russel still has his moments, like bringing a piranha at school, or looking for stuff underwater, but I wish I could see more of this. Otherwise, he's a good character. Russel has hilarious deaths. I also don't mind him being friends with the rest, even if that's not something a pirate would do.


Lifty and Shifty - Criminal twins! Awesome! It's interesting to see how hard is life for them. They need to steal, they want to do it. Their confirmed kleptomania doesn't help them. It's also very interesting to look at their interactions. Shifty is the boss, while Lifty is the brain. They usually succeed to do many things as a team, but there are also quarrels. The part that really grabbed me about them is the moments they decide to betray one another. Especially Shifty. The things they do to be rich, or just survive. Still, the moments where they actually care for each other are great! One of the reasons why Class Act is one of my favourite internet episodes.

Mime – Such a sweet character! He’s always trying to put a smile on everyone’s face with his tricks. Mime is always cheerful and sociable. He’s very expressive even without his voice. He’s also one of the characters who got better development. Mime is so professional at miming, it took over his life completely and this is where the most interesting part about him begins. His imagination got so powerful, the imaginary things become real, his refusal (or disability, never mind Happy Trails, HTF often lacks such kind of consistency) to talk and his dedication to miming challenge him more. Mime has something from Pop, Lumpy and Splendid in him – while he’s trying to help, he usually makes things worse. It’s a bit of a shame that he doesn’t appear that much lately.

Cro-Marmot – It’s funny that HTF also has a prehistoric character in ice. Similarly to Handy, it’s hilarious when Cro-Marmot does the impossible offscreen. He’s one of the characters I like less, but he still offers plenty of humor.

Flippy – At first he was neutral to me. In his early days his good side wasn’t explored, his evil side wasn’t challenged. He had this same formula – Flippy was about to engage in something normal, then something triggered his PTSD, then he killed everyone. That was it. For the beginning of the series this wasn’t bad at all, heck, it was great! Flippy was popular for being a golden mine for the purpose of the show. Still, the characters were doing a wonderful job reaching it without his help. Everyone knew this would get old fast, including the creators. So, ever since Remains to be seen Flippy started getting better. We saw him die twice there! In his evil state! How? He Killed himself along with the rest in a massive car crash and had his brain blown up by a leaf blower! How awesome is that? In Party Animal he still had his old formula, but we saw a bit more of his good side. Then Hear Today Gone Tomorrow brought it on the next level. Seeing Fliqpy frustrated and exhausted in his attempts to kill Lumpy? Golden. Seeing him cry, snap back as Flippy and try his hardest to stop the helicopter? Priceless. Then Double Whammy came. Oh my God, Double Whammy. Both parts. We saw both of Flippy’s personalities explored and extremely challenged. He put his heart into beating his demons! And once again, seeing his evil side defeated was amazing! The fighting scenes were just… awesome. Does his development stop there? No! Ka-Pow showed us how he got PTSD and how clumsy he was at first! In the newer internet shorts we see even more of his good side! He got better at controlling his PTSD, so there’s a bit tension, instead of the classic “Flippy’s there? Everybody’s gonna die.” Once again, we saw his evil side challenged and defeated! (Go, Lumpy!) I think this guy reached his full potential. Yeah, gushing about Flippy, bet you’ve never seen that before.

Splendid – Let’s see... We have a superhero with super strength, flying, the ability to shoot laser beams from the eyes, and so on and s forth... Well, that’s awesome! Won’t he be too boring for being too powerful? Heck no! This is a superhero trying to help the rest. The best part is that this is HTF and he’ll suck at this! Similarly to Lumpy, Splendid’s mess-ups are legendary! You hear the heroic music and watch this flying squirrel’s major screw-ups and selfish priorities – what not to love about this?

Lammy & Mr. Pickels – Aah, the newcomers. After 11 years of getting invested into the mishaps of 20 character, it was interesting to see how a new character would fit in. The Lammy and Mr. Pickels introduction was spot on! We also know how much the creators love bringing mistery to their characters? They do a wonderful job with Lammy and Mr. Pickles. Is the latter real? Is he imaginary? Is it Lammy bringing the death if her own friends because of a mental illness? I like Lammy more because of her friendly nature and how she’s the one ending up in the awkward situations. I’m glad they won, even though I wish Truffles had a bigger role too. 

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