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About me

Hello Anonymous! My name is Alexander. I like Happy Tree Friends, like everyone else on this wiki. I like editing galleries there, it's my pleasure. I like order, but sometimes i'm too lazy to make it. I am always trying to make good edits on this wiki. If you have any questions or if you just need any help, feel free to write a message on my message wall.


But I really think that The Cursed Idol needs to stop killing everyone.

I haven't got my favorite or least favorite character, because all of them are unique! They all have such different personalities, and this is awesome!


STV1E13.3 Flippy and Fliqpy.png This user likes Double Whammy.

Unlike characters, I have my favorite episode. My favorite episode is Double Whammy, because it was my first HTF episode. I haven't got my least favorite episode, I love all of them!