Hey, I am HappyTreeSponge, the guy who is an cartoonist (Kinda) and loves crossovers. I like to watch SpongeBob and Happy Tree Friends. I like Fliqpy, Nutty, Toothy, Pop, Sniffles, Cuddles, Disco Bear and Handy. I'm also a fan of Lumpy.

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1# Best Character. Lumpy
S3E4 Nutty's death.png
He's my favorite character. Nutty
S4E5 AVC Fliqpy with a cycle.png
He's my second favorite character. Fliqpy
He's my third favorite character. Toothy
S4E7 Spare Tire Pop.png
He's my fourth favorite character. Pop
S2E10 Sniffles.png
He's my fifth favorite character. Sniffles
He's my Sixth favorite character. Cuddles
S2E25 Disco Bear's Injury.png
He's my Seventh Favorite character. Disco Bear
S2E14 Injuried Handy.png
He's my eight Favorite Character.Handy
S3E12 I Nub You Walking together.png
I like this ship.Giggles X Cuddles
LBE5 Petunia and Handy.png
If you seen the Battle of the Multiverse episode I made called "Give me that Flippin' love then you know I love this ship.Petunia X Handy
STV1E2.1 Flippy and Flaky.png
This might be canon considering the times Fliqpy spared Flaky.Flaky X Flippy
S3E4 Marrage.png
BEST SHIP EVER!Chocolate Box X Nutty
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