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Hey Anonymous, I am HappyTreeSponge, the guy who is an cartoonist (Kinda) and loves crossovers. I like to watch SpongeBob SquarePants and Happy Tree Friends. I like Fliqpy, Nutty, Toothy, Pop, Sniffles, Cuddles, Disco Bear, and Handy. I'm also a fan of Lumpy.


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I'm a huge fan of Happy Tree Friends. It is a great show I love and it's very unique. The characters caught my eye and I gotta say, they are pretty adorable. Too bad that they barley make episodes anymore. However, I create my own animations and artwork to continue the legacy of Happy Tree Friends. It's a weird series. The series in question is called "Gory Toons", The series itself is basically HTF but... with a twist. Basically, it's a crossover. It's very weird but producing the episodes are quite fun. I'm quite the fanatic, as I seen all of the episodes, made several creations on the series, and am heavily affiliated with the fandom. In my spare time, I listen to music or watch some YouTube vids. I love all who spread the joy around the HTF fandom and they are also to thank for keeping the show alive. Still Alive! No? Sorry. Out of all of the characters, I love Nutty and Lumpy the most. It's something about their designs that makes them so appealing and how they are so adorable. It's also their buffoony personalities and clumsy mindsets that really earned my affection. Of course, the characters themselves are very complex. It's how deep the show takes it, with the various mental disorders, complex relationships, and fantastic character distinction. The deaths are also a charm. The carnage that the show thrives on is very unique, and quite gazing. It has some of the most creative deaths out there. For who has the worst deaths, gotta agree with virtually everyone ever: Sniffles. However, for the others, Petunia and Lumpy are behind Sniffles. Lifty, Shifty, and Cub are also particularly favorable victims the show love torturing. I love the four primary characters a lot. Cuddles is mischievous, Toothy is sensitive, Giggles is attractive, and Lumpy is stupid. Cuddles is practically the main character, as he's the most advertised and appears in a lot of episodes, way more than others. Lumpy is either the Randy Marsh, Homer, or Tom to Cuddles' Stan/Bart/Jerry. Toothy seems to be the deuteragonist, as he tags along with Cuddles on his adventures and seems to be the secondary mascot of the franchise, next to Cuddles and Lumpy. Giggles seems to be the love interest. Pop is also one of my favorites, probably my favorite out of the non-primary characters besides Nutty. It's his expressions. He's goofy, and is a total drama queen. He's the best protagonist tbh. So overall, I love the show. It's certainly one of the best cartoons out there.

For other info about me, I am quite a shifty individual. You can talk to me anything! I won't bite! I like to draw, make some crappy animations, or have myself a time.

My project: Click Here

What I'll do for this wiki

  • Revert vandalism and incorrect information.
  • Fix up on grammar.
  • Add some additional stuff.
  • Contribute to the galleries.
  • Get rid of trolls.
  • Remove unnecessary pages.
  • Repair this wiki.

Stuff I'm a fan off

  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Happy Tree Friends
  • Kirby
  • South Park
  • Family Guy
  • The Simpsons
  • Tom and Jerry
  • The Looney Tunes
  • Sonic

A perspective of every character's deaths

  • Cuddles - He dies too much. He also has lot of intestinal injuries.
  • Giggles - She always catches herself on fire. Plus, how many times did Giggles had her internal organs removed? On the other end, she survives pretty darn often.
  • Toothy - His eye injuries.
  • Lumpy - His deaths are slow af. Also, he be falling off cliffs and attacked by animals.
  • Petunia - Her deaths are brutal.
  • Handy - Very low survival rate and painful deaths
  • Sniffles - Always gets the most grotesque, torturous, and slowest deaths
  • Nutty - Creative and goofy. Also, he suffers a lot of trauma to his jaw.
  • The Mole - His deaths are actually quite sadistic and morbid when he does die.
  • Flaky - Her deaths are weird. Poor and embarrassing deaths as well. Also, breathing problem seems to be her thing.
  • Pop - Pop always catches on fire. Also, his deaths are very goofy.
  • Cub - Poor Cub. His deaths are tragic, brutal, but humorous.
  • Lifty and Shifty - Brutal deaths, very messy. Also extremely low survival rates.
  • Russell - He suffers a lot of nautical-related deaths. Also, this show loves torturing him.
  • Mime - His deaths are fast. Also, unless we're talking TV Episodes or Shorts, he dies all the frickin time.
  • Disco Bear - His deaths are quite mixed. They're creative but not noticeably unique.
  • Cro-Marmot - Debatable deaths are his deaths.
  • Flippy - Karmic deaths. Also, Lumpy.
  • Splendid - Pop goes to the weasel. Then again, it's Splendid so explosions may do the trick.
  • Lammy - Honestly nothing to say. She just dies because she is a Happy Tree Friend.
  • Mr. Pickles - I hate how high this pickle's survival rate is.

A perspective of every character's significance

  • Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Lumpy - The primary characters who constantly in episodes and advertisements.
  • Petunia - The most appearing and prominent character besides the four primary characters themselves, to the point where she can be considered a fifth primary character.
  • Sniffles - Has a ton of appearances and starring roles. He practically rivals Lumpy in prominence at this point.
  • Pop, Cub, and The Mole - These characters appear pretty often. Most of the time, they either show up as yet more causalities to suffer the grotesque mishaps, be the ones killing other Tree Friends, or garner episodes dedicated around them.
  • Flaky, Handy, and Nutty - Fairly common characters who would show up in episodes and tend to be the specific characters who are used in advertisements alongside the primary four themselves. They also tend to horde in a decent amount of starring roles, but they have gradually become less prominent as the Seasons went by.
  • Russell, Lifty, Shifty, and Mime - These guys are pretty basic in terms of prominence and appearance rate.
  • Disco Bear - Doesn't appear that often. He is often slacked on severely. Props to them expanding his role in the TV Series, tho.
  • Cro-Marmot, Flippy, Splendid, Lammy, Mr. Pickels - These guys rarely appear. Nuff' said.

Random thoughts on characters

This user thinks Cuddles is the main protagonist.
This user thinks Toothy's the deutertagonist.
S2E14 Injuried Handy.png
This user thinks Handy's the butt-monkey.
S2E10 Sniffles.png
This user thinks Sniffles suffers the worst deaths.
S3E9 SF Petunia's death.png
This user thinks Petunia suffers the second worst deaths.
S3E17 The job is done.png
This user hates Mr. Pickels' guts.
S4E5 VC Cub.png
This user thinks Cub is a major character.
Userbox Cro-Marmot.jpg
This user thinks Cro-Marmot a simp.
S2E25 Disco Bear's Injury.png
This user thinks Disco is over hated. Disco Bear
Userbox Lumpy.jpg
This user thinks Lumpy is the secondary protagonist besides Cuddles.
S3E9 SF Russell.png
This user views Russell as the drama-queen pirate.
S1E20 Tired.png
This user views Lifty as the brains of the duo.
STV1E3.3 Oh no.png
This user views Shifty as the greedy but stupid bastard of the duo.

Ranking of characters and ships

Userbox Lumpy.jpg
1# Best Character. Lumpy
S3E4 Nutty's death.png
This user values Nutty as his favorite character.
S4E5 AVC Fliqpy with a cycle.png
Fliqpy is my second favorite character.
Toothy is my third favorite character.
S4E7 Spare Tire Pop.png
Pop is my fourth favorite character.
S2E10 Sniffles.png
Sniffles is my fifth favorite character.
Cuddles is my sixth favorite character.
S2E25 Disco Bear's Injury.png
Disco Bear is my seventh favorite character.
S2E14 Injuried Handy.png
Handy is my eight favorite character.
S3E12 I Nub You Walking together.png
I like this ship. Giggles X Cuddles
LBE5 Petunia and Handy.png
If you seen the very old Battle of the Multiverse episode I made called "Give me that Flippin' love" then you know I love this ship. Petunia X Handy
STV1E2.1 Flippy and Flaky.png
This might make at least more sense why people ship this than one would think, considering the times Fliqpy spared Flaky. Flaky X Flippy
S3E4 Marrage.png
BEST SHIP EVER! Chocolate Box X Nutty

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