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  • My occupation is an endoparasite

Episode Headcannons

House Warming: Petunia died in this episode; the activity she made in the very end was purely for comedic effect.

something Cuddles something
Userbox Giggles
This user slutshames Giggles
This user sees Toothy as a generic tree friend ascendant
Userbox Lumpy
This user sees Lumpy as the figurative life and blood of HTF canon
S3E9 SF Petunia's death
This user sees Petunia 's struggle to be realistic
S2E14 Injuried Handy
This user wants Handy to take a break
S3E4 Nutty's death
There is no squirrel better than Nutty
S2E10 Sniffles
This user thinks Sniffles is a very interesting character
Wipe 58
If it were possible, I would give Flaky a big hug
S2E23 Thumbs up
The Mole is pure and innocent. DON'T TOUCH HIM
S4E7 Spare Tire Pop
This user sees it is not Pop 's fault that he's a bad father, and that it's just how nature designed bears like him
S4E5 VC Cub
This user is hesitant to emancipate Cub
S1E20 Tired
I believe both Lifty...
STV1E3.3 Oh no
...and Shifty steal simply to survive

S2E25 Disco Bear's Injury
opinion Disco Bear reason
S3E9 SF Russell
I wish Russell was more pirate-like
S2E9 Mime's death
opinion Mime reason
STV1E13.2 Flippy Shrug
opinion Flippy reason
S4E5 AVC Fliqpy with a cycle
This user believes there's a good reason why Fliqpy appears so infrequently - his kills grow uninteresting after a while


Userbox Cro-Marmot
This user thinks Cro-Marmot is hilarious. What even is he?

This user perceives Splendid as a very creative character concept
S3E13 Lammy gets electrocuted
This user doesn't trust Lammy. She needs help
S3E4 Marrage
Chocolate Box X Nutty is the purest HTF ship of them all
I believe The Cursed Idol 's influence is the reason why the tree friends are trapped in this eternal cycle of death and revival
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