Fire destructions

  • I live in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
  • I was born on October 6
  • I am Female

My Top 10 Favorite Character

1. Flippy, I love him because he so cute. He's like to kill everybody if something's remember him to war but         not all things.

2. Lumpy, i love him to. He funny and stupidly haracter. But i love him, he is different character not like other     character.

3. Pop, i know he careless but i love him. He very love his son, but always kill him because he careless.

4. Flaky, i love Flaky because her always nervous. I love her nervous laugh, and she coward, i love if her           scared with chick.

5. The Mole, he's a blind character. I think he's so cool about his spy mission. I think Mole is funny character     because his blind, and he's always kill other character because his blind.

6. Cub, is love him he's so cute. I love his baby laugh. But he always killed because his father. He had a             small pac - man pupils make's him cute.

7. Sniffles, he smart character. Like professor his like make a cool stuff. Like a rocket, time machine, etc.

8. Mr. Pickles, He is cute. Like Cub he had a small eye pupils, and mustache. He always smile, and like to         kill everybody.

9. Petunia, She is beauty character. I like her because her OCD, and Petunia like clean.

10. Mime, I love him, he cute. He can do an awesome acrobatics. 

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