aka Fasterrrorist

  • I live in an apartment
  • My occupation is having unpopular opinions
  • I am a sponge
Userbox Lumpy
This user's favourite character is Lumpy, because he thinks he's funny and friendly.
S2E10 Sniffles
This user's second favourite character is Sniffles.
S3E4 Nutty's death
This user's third favourite character is Nutty.
S2E9 Mime's death
This user's 4th favourite character is Mime.
S2E23 Thumbs up
This user's fifth favourite character is The Mole.
This user thinks Cuddles should survive in more episodes, and appear more than Lumpy.
STV1E13.2 Flippy Shrug
This user doesn't hate Flippy, but thinks he is overrated.
Userbox Cro-Marmot
This user's least favourite character is Cro-Marmot.
S2E25 Disco Bear's Injury
This user doesn't hate Disco Bear.
This user thinks The Cursed Idol should be more interesting and mysterious .

Hello, Anonymous. This is Fasterrr. This is my profile. Feel free to visit it anytime.

Man, still
This user is a rollback. They clean up the wiki and revert vandalism.

Favourite Episodes

  1. Idol Curiosity
  2. Easy For You to Sleigh
  3. A Sight for Sore Eyes
  4. No Time Like the Present
  5. Wingin' It

Likes (other than HTF)

  • Geometry Dash (before mid-2.0)
  • Garry's Mod
  • Gravity Falls
  • Funny YouTubers like Vanoss and his friends
  • Horror games (Amnesia, Outlast 1 and 2, Cry of Fear, FNAF, and RPGs like Corpse Party)
  • Relaxing on my bed
  • Plants VS Zombies series (1, 2, Heroes, I don't have GW:()
  • Most PvZ2 soundtracks (especially the Neon Mixtape Tour ones)


  • Exams
  • Trolls, haters, vandals, spammers
  • Annoying/Overused/Pointless/Boring trends and jokes
  • Cringey stuffs


  • First episode: False Alarm
  • Started watching all episodes at June, 2015
  • Wiki found at August, 2015
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