Hello. I'm Dominik Player 13. Happy Tree Friends is my favourite show ever !!!

My Characters Rating:

Character Who I Love/Like:

1. The Mole !!! 

Merry Christmas To All HTF Fan's !

2. Flippy !!

3. Cub !         

The Mole - My Favourite Character !

Flippy - My 2nd Favourite Character !

Cub - My 3rd Favourite Character

4. Mime  

5. Lammy            

6. Disco Bear

7. Flaky

8. Cuddles

9. Toothy

10. Sniffles

Character Who I Neutral:

11. Nutty

12. Russell

13. Handy

14. Petunia

15. Lifty

16. Shifty

17. Lumpy

Character Who I Hate/Don't Like:

18. Giggles

19. Pop

20. Splendid/Fliqpy

21. Mr. Pickles

22. Cro-Marmot

S4E5 VC Cub.png
This user know the Cub is cute
S3E13 Lammy gets electrocuted.PNG
This user know the Lammy is the best female character
S2E23 Thumbs up.png
This user know the The Mole is funny
S2E9 Mime's death.png
This user knows the Mime is cute and funny
Userbox Cro-Marmot.jpg
This user know the Cro-Marmot is useless character
STV1E13.2 Flippy Shrug.png
This user know the Flippy is funny
S4E7 Spare Tire Pop.png
This user hate Pop.
S3E17 The job is done.png
This user know theMr. Pickels is naughty
This user know the Splendid is stupid

My Favourite Episodes

Season 1:

1. Nuttin' but the Tooth

2. Snow What? That's What!

3. Pitchin' Impossible

Season 2: 

1. Get Whale Soon

2. Shard at Work

3. Icy You

4. Blind Date

Season 3:

1. All Flocked Up

2. See You Later, Elevator (My Favourite HTF Episode Ever !!!)

3. Random Acts of Silence

Season 4:

1. All Work and No Play

2. Dream Job

3. Spare Tire

TV Season:

1. Who's to Flame?

2. Party Animal

3. A Sight for Sore Eyes

My 5 Favourite Shows

1. Happy Tree Friends

2. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

3. Ranczo (Polish Show)

4. The Penguins of Madagascar

5. Total Drama (Only season 1 and 2)

My 2nd favourite show.

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